Photo : Parade © Nicolas Joubard
In partnership with I’m from Rennes and Musée de la Danse, Engrenage [s] and Les Tombées de la Nuit present :
Parade ! 2 : Parade New-Orleans with a touch of Louisiana spice
featuring Red Line Crossers, Zygos Brass Band, Jam Nola, pupils from the Arts class at Hautes Ourmes secondary school, Pascal Chaussy’s swing dance workshop and the Le Triangle Gospel Choir, with the active participation of residents and spectators…
Brass band and a participatory, marching choreography with a touch of Louisiana spice
Les Dimanche à Rennes are celebrating back-to-school season under the September sunshine by recreating the sights and sounds of New Orleans with a new edition of PARADE!, a huge participatory marching extravaganza of music and dancing, mixing brass bands, dance and song. PARADE! gives a sleepy afternoon in Rennes all the energy and vigour of the Louisiana capital!

It all kicks off at midday on Mail François Mitterrand with another public warm-up session, organised this time by Musée de la Danse and dancer and choreographer Marie Houdin, with the support of other dancers and musicians from Red Line Crossers. Join them for an introduction to New-Orleans-inspired marching moves. Then we’ll be off to Place Hoche, the only central venue this year, for a one-hour performance of TRYBZ by Zygos Brass Band (Nantes) at 3pm as they present their Louisiana melting pot of dance and music. At 4pm, Engrenage(s) will launch its performance of RED LINE CROSSERS, featuring four dancers and the brass band Fonk’ Nola (Rennes), around forty residents taking part in the dance and their partners, and twenty or so pupils from the Arts class at Hautes Ourmes secondary school. This second-line parade will move to the energetic tune of hip-hop, Nola jazz, swing and dance along this year’s single route right down to Mail François Mitterrand. From 5pm, four performances in four locations will follow one another: JAM BRASS BAND NOLA, a jam session led by Boubou and Ben (?) from Fonk’Nola; INDIAN VIBRATIONS, a percussion performance with dancers from Zyggos and Red Line Crossers in tribute to the famous New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, orchestrated by Jérôme Bossard from Zygos Brass Band; SOUL SPIRIT CHOIR, a New-Orleans inspired set list by Le Triangle gospel choir, with around sixty amateur singers, led by Julia Chesnin; and the SWING DANSE workshop led by Pascal Chaussy, presenting demonstrations of partner dances by his pupils. Everyone will then come together in the centre of Mail François Mitterrand for the grand Jam Central Final, a festive gathering of participating residents, artists and spectators. As last year, I’M FROM RENNES will run a DJ SET to keep the party going until 9pm. Last year’s event attracted 2,500 spectators and this year, PARADE! is looking to once again get Rennes moving to the New Orleans beat in this huge marching second-line celebration. This second PARADE! is all about the NOLA spirit of dance, music and fun!

From midday to 8pm

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