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I’m from la Nuit • Friday
Aurore Pauvert, Halven, DuOuD & Barbatrax
Et un peu le jour
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Aurore Pauvert (FR)

Travelling through interior landscapes and emotions with her characteristic sensitivity, Aurore Pauvert attempts to “untie the knots in our bodies, stomachs and hearts” in order to better open up a shared liberating space. Brimming with Anglo-American pop folk influences, her melodies are carried by the guitar and piano, accompanied by Bahia El Bacha on the cello.

Halven • Goulven Hamel (FR)

Création • The talented six-string player (The Celtic Social Club, Philippe Pascal’s Blue Train Choir, Santa Cruz, Miossec, Les Nus), guitarist Goulven Hamel, returns to Les Tombées de la Nuit to present his bright and sunny first solo album, Country Code, an elegant tribute to country music and North American folk culture.

DuOuD (FR)

DuOuD consists of two oud players: Smadj, an inspired producer and engineer, with over ten albums to his name, and magician Mehdi Haddab (leader of Ekova and Speed Caravan). Mixing their North-African heritage (one was born in Tunis and the other in Algiers) with the latest technologies, these children of 1990s effervescent Parisian music compose, reinterpret the instrument and reinvent classics.

Barbatrax (FR)

Barbatrax hosts the Crème de la Crème programme and provides musical programming for the Canal B radio station. For twenty years, he has been spinning his 12” maxi-singles, playing soul, rhythm and blues, garage, pop, psychedelic, mambo and more… with the best of the past and present from every single genre. His vinyl-only selections with a deliberate retro patina are guaranteed to chase the blues away!

Friday 08 July 2022
16:30 > 17:15
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes
Aurore Pauvert
Friday 08 July 2022
18:00 > 19:00
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes
Friday 08 July 2022
20:30 > 21:30
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes
Friday 08 July 2022
21:30 > 23:30
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes

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