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I’m From la Nuit
Samana • Roda Viva • The Nerds
Et un peu le jour

Samana (UK)
This nomadic duo from Brighton recorded their first album in the mountains of South Wales, as close as possible to nature, laying down seraph-like, spiritual, acoustic and ethereal chants in which the magical voice of Rebecca Rose Harris lingers as an invitation to inner peace.

Roda Viva (FR)
In this band of six musicians revisiting samba, cavaquinho, guitar, pandeiro, rebolo, clarinet and tamborim come with a warm Brazilian voice, for a journey between sweet poetry and the feverish atmosphere of carnavals.

The Nerds – Cover Brass Bands (BE)
These four inhibited, asocial and clumsy individuals leave Belgium with three wind instruments and a small drum kit wearing dubiously elegant glasses, shirts and suits… offering a brass band rendition of the Rocky theme tune, Pharrell Williams and Britney Spears hits.

Sunday 07 July 2019
15:30 > 16:30
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes
Sunday 07 July 2019
17:30 > 18:30
Roda Viva
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes
Sunday 07 July 2019
18:30 > 19:00
The Nerds
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes

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