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When this drum-percussion virtuoso creates a concert project for young audiences, he goes looking for dance, trance and the chance to share rhythmic beats. Mathilda Haynes (guitar) and Victor Auffray (euphonium) join Antonin Leymarie with Morphing, an intense immersive and participatory experience with the audience moving freely close to the musicians. These lively melodic grooves are based on the various “clave” traditions (from Africa, America and the Caribbean) with turbulent and melodic grooves that make for a fantastic dance machine!


In 1997, English visual artist Jeremy Deller commissioned arranger Rodney Newton to write songs dedicated to cult Detroit acid house and techno tracks for one of the UK’s most prestigious brass bands, the Williams Fairey Brass Band (Manchester). The Acid Brass project, which was featured at the Trans Musicales festival that year, is returning to Rennes in response to the first major retrospective exhibition in France devoted to Jeremy Deller for this third edition of Exporama: Art is Magic. Ten musicians from Rennes will revisit the music of this legendary techno brass band!


Somewhere between raw music, groove, sound house poetry and performance, Ben Lechapus makes electro and festive end-of-the-world songs from plastic waste. It’s delightfully whimsical and fascinating, minimal and colourful, rhythmic and punchy.


For the past ten years, Romain Dubois (Fender Rhodes), Emilien Robic (clarinet) and Samson Dayou (bass) have been working together as an instrumental trio, developing a unique vision and modernised sound to put their own spin on Breton dance music. Fleuves stays rooted in tradition and true to the rhythms, codes and constraints of the dancers, but ventures into the sounds of electro and jazz-rock to skilfully give fresh effervescence to fest-noz gatherings and tickle the ears of first-time listeners. They’re a fascinating mix of melodic and rhythmic diversity that are sure to fill the Grand Huit’s dance floor!

Sunday 09 July 2023
16:00 > 16:45
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin
Sunday 09 July 2023
17:15 > 18:15
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin
Acid Brass
Sunday 09 July 2023
19:00 > 20:00
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin
Sunday 09 July 2023
20:45 > 21:45
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin


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