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In partnership with Frac Bretagne, Musée des beaux-arts & La Criée centre d'art contemporain
Acid Brass
Jeremy Deller
(United Kingdom / France)
Revisiting a legendary techno brass band
For all ages

In 1997, English visual artist Jeremy Deller commissioned arranger Rodney Newton to write songs dedicated to cult Detroit acid house and techno tracks for one of the UK’s most prestigious brass bands, the Williams Fairey Brass Band (Manchester). The Acid Brass project, which was featured at the Trans Musicales festival that year, is returning to Rennes in response to the first major retrospective exhibition in France devoted to Jeremy Deller for this third edition of Exporama: Art is Magic. Ten musicians from Rennes will revisit the music of this legendary techno brass band!


> JEREMY DELLER (United Kingdom)

Born in London in 1966, this British artist studied art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London) and obtained his degree from the University of Sussex. He works on social issues, history and music, and explores England’s contemporary history through conceptual works and installations depicting the social conflicts of the Thatcher era, Depeche Mode, the world of wrestling, the seeds of Brexit, acid house and the rave movement. In Rennes, the retrospective exhibition Art is Magic offers a broad overview of his work since the 1990s, featuring around fifteen major projects and works.

> FAIREY BRASS BAND (United Kingdom)

Formed in 1937 by workers at the Fairey aircraft factory in Heaton Chapel, Stockport, Greater Manchester, this traditional English brass band has become one of the most renowned in the world, particularly under the thirty-year musical direction of Harry Mortimer. The ever-active band is the winner of numerous British and international awards, and has been known as the WFEL Fairey Band since 2021.


With Gaël Augustin, Marie Baudoin, Guillaume Bougeard, Fabien Cariou, Maxime Duhem, Maxime Guillouet, Joaquim Juigner, Benoit Rutten, Geoffroy De Schuyter, Vincent Paulic.

En partenariat avec le Frac Bretagne, le Musée des beaux-arts et La Criée centre d’art contemporain

Sunday 09 July 2023
17:15 > 18:15
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin


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