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Le Triangle & Les Tombées de la Nuit present
New Orleans Fever
Marie Houdin • Engrenage[s]
Louisiana on my mind
From the age of 6

New Orleans Fever is coming to Le Triangle for one afternoon only. Let’s dance! Accompanied by a brass band, DJ and five dancers, including three who have come specially from New Orleans, Marie Houdin invites us to a glistening performance inspired by the brass bands and dancing parades of Louisiana.

For three years, the dancer and choreographer has been travelling France, Senegal, Cuba and New Orleans to collect creole dances from the African and Native American diasporas. These dances were born from the resilience of these peoples. Let’s dive into the melting pot of these countless influences.


Marie Houdin, Houth Cambo, Virginie Savary, Shelby Skipper, Terrylyn Dorsey, Jessica Donley, Hot Shot Brass Band & DJ FRESHHH


Production : Engrenage[s]
Coproduction : Bourse FUSED – Face Fondation, Convention Institut français – Région Bretagne, Ville de Rennes, le Triangle, Les Tombées de la Nuit, Institut Franco Américain, CCNRB, Mac Orlan (Brest), MPT Penhars

Sunday 17 October 2021
16:00 > 18:00
Le Triangle, Boulevard de Yougoslavie, Rennes
From 3 p.m., Parade New Orleans in the Blosne district


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