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Les Petits Dimanches #4 – Les concerts jeune public de L’Étage
Piro Piro • Le Studio Fantôme
Wind beneath their wings
From the age of 3

The Piro Piro film-concert brings together 6 poetic and touching animated films in which the talent of two young South Korean directors, Baek Miyoung and Min Sung-Ah, unveils a world of warm, pastel colours. Birds are what tie these sweet, funny, short films together, all wrapped up in rock music, electro, strange sounds, experimental percussion and even songs!

The short films:

Koong! Flap Flap, by Min Sung Ah
When a sleeping crocodile meets a little bird. (2013 – 6 min)

A Bird Who Loves a Flower, by Baek Miyoung
The story of a bird who loved flowers. (2011 – 3 min)

Balam, by Baek Miyoung
The first flight of a blue butterfly whose instinct is to follow the flowers and let itself be carried by the wind. (2015 – 9 min)

Piro Piro, by Baek Miyoung
Piro Piro and Dalle are 2 birds. The first comes from the forest, the second from the city. When they meet in front of a flower store, Piro Piro wants them to fly away to the forest, but Dalle doesn’t seem up to flying… (2020 – 10 min)

Dancing in the Rain, by Baek Miyoung
Two rabbits dance in the rain. (2016 – 2 min)

The Newly Coming Seasons, by Min Sung Ah
Korea’s demilitarised zone, created following the armistice of 27 July 1953, is known as an intact ecosystem, far from any human presence. But gunfire, arson and the intrusion of foreign plants mean that many problems persist between North and South. (2009 – 12 min)

And to continue the theme of animation, join us from 13 to 17 April for the National Animation Film Festival (screenings, meetings and live performances):

Sunday 14 April 2024
15:00 > 15:40
L’Étage, Rennes
Sunday 14 April 2024
17:00 > 17:40
L’Étage, Rennes

9€ full price, 4,50€ Sortir ! price (available at the Liberté ticket office)

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