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L’Étage & Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Les Petits Dimanches #3… la suite – Les concerts jeune public de L’Étage
Piccolino • Justine Curatolo / Orchestre National de Bretagne
Musical show for toddlers
À partir de 3 ans • Assis, placement libre

Piccolino is a small, light and modular show for young children, giving them a happy, fun and lively introduction to the contrabassoon, bassoon, violin and opera singing.

Through different musical excerpts and playful staging (from small to medium, large, and even very large), Piccolino opens their ears to variations in pitch and intensity, and highlights the different styles and characters of the instruments … and their performers! It offers a fun-filled approach to the orchestra and opera, through mini-theatre sprinkled with references the young audience (ages 3 and up) can understand, including the alphabet, numbers, big versus small, loud versus quiet, the fun principle of appearance-disappearance, learning and more, all to help them discover a new world.

Sold out
Sunday 26 March 2023
15:00 > 15:40
L’Étage, Rennes
Sunday 26 March 2023
17:30 > 18:10
L’Étage, Rennes

8€ full price, 4€ Sortir ! price (Sortir ! price available on site, at Liberté's Tickets Office)
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