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ANiiMA • Animae Collection
Let’s take a deep breath
From the age of 8

ANiiMA. Etymologically, this means “breath”. In medieval philosophy, it was an intermediate level of the soul; for Jung, it was the unconscious feminine side of a man. There you go.

That’s the introduction out of the way, but there is still one question. What do you get when Anima has two “i”’s? A unique immersive musical and audio-visual performance: three video artists and musicians on stage with large projection surfaces, video controllers and a whole range of instruments. This open staging concept shows how visual and sound content is generated.

Intimate sequences of intense psychedelic superimpositions create a moving world formed from the family visual archives of the three artists, spanning several generations and showcasing the trivial and small things from everyday life that tell of the passing of time and the time that remains. This “poetry of nothing” is both evanescent and stubborn – like a memory that, long since buried, resurfaces, gushes and resonates like a second wind.

Sunday 26 February 2023
15:00 > 15:45
L’Étage, Rennes

8€ full price, 4€ Sortir ! price — available on site, at the Liberté ticket office
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