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L’Étage & Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Les Petits Dimanches #4 • Les concerts jeune public de L’Étage
Nimbus • Jen Rival et Nicolas Méheust
Sky high
From the age of 3

Two mad scientists welcome us into their laboratory, full of musical instruments and other homemade curiosities, including decoys, bells, small broken toys, and magnetic reels from audio cassette tapes. In a burlesque, theatrical universe, they set to music stories about the sky, its phenomena, its resources and its hidden mysteries.

Jen Rival and Nicolas Méheust invite us to discover five short films that foster reflection and discussion. At the heart of this new creation are themes dear to both musicians: nature, animals and the sky. As a source of energy to be preserved, a playground, a space to be explored or conquered, the sky is both intriguing and enticing. Nimbus is a journey through the air and an invitation to soar high.

Sold out
Sunday 22 October 2023
16:00 > 16:40
L’Étage, Rennes

9€ full price, 4,50€ Sortir ! price (available at the Liberty ticket office)

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