Photo : Les aventuriers du match perdu © Johanna Schicklin
Les Films de la pluie & Ana Films, with the participation of France Télévisions & TVR, Tébéo, Tébésud, present
Les aventuriers du match perdu
Serge Steyer
Raiders of the lost match
For all ages

I would like a documentary on the Cauchemar de Séville family!

From their first meeting to the final performance, director Serge Steyer (with whom Les Tombées de la Nuit collaborate on the collection La culture sur la place publique) followed the inhabitants of Rennes involved in the beautiful adventure of Cauchemar de Séville. Fifteen of them responded to the call of Swiss director Massimo Furlan, who came to them asking them to take part in this funny project: to replay, without a ball and without an opponent, the semi-final of the 1982 football World Cup, the legendary match between France and West Germany. Goulwen, Magali, Aurélie, Hajar, Carole, Augustin, Anne-Cécile, Hervé, Adrien, Laëtitia, Jérôme, Fanny, Paloma, Bruno, Hubert, Diby, Mylena, Rahaf, Marielle and the two commentators, Vincent and Cyrille: Les aventuriers du match perdu traces the journey of this motley crew through a half-theatrical, half-sporting experience that culminated in a triumphant performance at Roazhon Park last May.

Wednesday 23 November 2022
Cinéma Arvor, 11 rue de Châtillon, Rennes

Free admission, limited seating available

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