Photo : Le Cauchemar de Séville © Marie Chardonnet
Les Tombées de la Nuit present
[POSTPONED] Le Cauchemar de Séville • Tragédie en deux actes avec prolongations
Massimo Furlan / Numero23Prod
Mythe footballistique au Roazhon Park
Due to the extension of the COVID-19 containment period, and in agreement with the various actors and partners of this project, we have chosen to postpone the performance Le Cauchemar de Séville by Massimo Furlan, to next year. See you in 2021 with our fourteen participants for this tragedy in two acts with extra-time.

A few hours following this decision, we learned the death of Michel Hidalgo, the emblematic coach of this magnificient 1982 French team. It is in a very particular context that Les Tombées de la Nuit also wish, in their own way, to salute his memory.

The legendary match between France and Germany in Sevilla during the 1982 World Cup is still making waves at Les Tombées de la Nuit. After the 2010 launch of the movie screening and concert, Séville 82 (featuring Red, Tonio Marinescu and Philippe Tessier), Michel Platini’s France and Manfred Kalt’s West Germany have been invited to join us once again, this time in a tragedy in two acts with extra time (Tragédie en deux actes avec prolongations), a new participatory theatrical creation by Swiss Artist Massimo Furlan.

On the pitch of Roazhon Park, fourteen pre-selected residents and two journalists will re-enact the French side of the match and relive the intensity of this incredibly tense and high-drama 120-minute face-off, culminating in a Dantean penalty shoot-out. This latest participatory human adventure and long, immersive preparatory work which started in November 2019, is an opportunity for Massimo Furlan to explore personal and collective memory through this match, which has become an epic tale passed down the generations. He will seek to reproduce the movements, actions and tragedy as closely as possible, without a ball or opponents, faithfully recreating the sporting choreography using amateur players and enthusiastic residents who will become a new French team of 1982. With Le Cauchemar de Séville, Massimo Furlan takes you on a trip down memory lane, with familiar heroes such as Hidalgo, Platini, Rocheteau, Bossis, Giresse, Tigana and Amoros, as you relive the action, dreams, hope, disappointment and injustice, with a live commentary by two real sports journalists in the audience.

This work on football and memory follows on from previous projects, such as Furlan / Numéro 23 (2002) and Numéro 10 (2006) in which he donned Platini’s shirt at Parc des Princes stadium. After Nocturne (2017), Blue Tired Heroes (2018) and Hospitalités (2019), Massimo Furlan continues his wonderful adventure with Les Tombées de la Nuit.

Sunday 17 May 2020
Roazhon Park, 111 Rue de Lorient, Rennes

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