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Funny Business
Fraser Hooper
Irresistible mime for ring around slapstick comedy
For all ages
He was supposed to come in 2020. Fraser Hooper, New Zealand mime, clown, improviser and director, star of international circus festivals and multiple award-winning artist is finally here. In the purest tradition of Anglo-Saxon slapstick comedy, somewhere in between Monty Python, Buster Keaton et Charlie Chaplin, he plays with the audience and the traditions of the great silent clowns, making him altogether one of a kind. He is hilarious, inventive, precise, and incredibly fun and expressive, transforming himself into the fiercest and meanest boxer, a stunt duck, a human fish or an eccentric dancer, defying the audience in an irresistible and hypnotic slapstick mayhem.

For the past thirty years, Fraser Hooper has been honing his clowning skills, creating solo projects, directing shows for street performers, actors and puppeteers, and teaching in circus schools and theatre festivals around the world. He is highly popular in Australia and New Zealand, and has toured the biggest street art, clown and theatre festivals around the world, performing in Europe, Asia, Canada, the United States and more. Following the success of Inside Out and Boxing, he is currently developing Funny Business, a street improv act that transforms into a hilarious and totally committed mime show, with active audience participation.

Without a single word, in a nod to the great silent clowns, with fine dashes of ridicule, a few objects pulled from a trunk and a total and provocative disregard for his own safety, Hooper brings a boxing ring to life in a larger than life parody of the sport. All the slapstick workings are set in motion in the various sketches and situations in this blooper-filled Funny Business. It is irresistibly funny, beautifully written and performed by one of the greatest clowns of his generation.


> FRASER HOOPER (New Zealand)

After giving up a successful career in men’s fashion thirty years ago, clown Fraser Hooper has travelled the world with his shows, taking audience participation to new heights. In the great tradition of Anglo-Saxon slapstick and the great silent entertainers, he mixes farce, stunts, improvisation, provocation and clowning, with total physical commitment. He is a clown, mime, director and teacher, and has won the Iron Chicken Award at the Bread and Circus World Buskers Festival (New Zealand), Best Act at the Landshut Festival (Germany), and medals at the Festival du Cirque de Saint-Paul-Les-Dax and the Festival International du Cirque du Val d’Oise (France). Between Fiji, the National Theatre London and the Glastonbury Festival in England, he re-wrote the clown module for the BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts, and after Inside Out, Funny Business and Boxing, he is now touring a new show, Country Life.


Conception réalisation et jeu : Frazer Hooper

Saturday 09 July 2022
15:00 > 15:45
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes
Saturday 09 July 2022
18:00 > 18:45
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes
Sunday 10 July 2022
15:00 > 15:45
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes
Sunday 10 July 2022
17:30 > 18:15
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes

Métro : Sainte-Anne • Bus : C3, Arrêt Thabor · 31, Arrêt George Sand · C1, C5, 9, 11, Arrêt Sévigné • Vélo Star : Place Hoche
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