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Ambassadeur Savon
Electro street with a mobile DJ
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After getting crowds across Brussels and Wallonia dancing to the beat of his mobile techno trolley, Pierre Delor and his little mobile disco will be hitting Rennes to wrap up this musical weekend at Le Cloître du Thabor. Enjoy a digital set with a blend of 1990s acid tech house, 1980s synthwave and movie samples for a “sexy fun electro street dance” with a healthy helping of Belgian humour.

Brussels-born musician and percussionist Pierrot Delor is ready to hit the pavement or the grassy hills with a concept that involves taking a DJ set into the street or countryside using a trolley reminiscent of a US hot dog cart, and a name inspired by one of the characters from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, the “Soap Ambassador” who sells cosmetics. This mobile cart comes with an independent sound system, its own speakers, effects and mixer stand. Fitted with cheesy lights and a bubble machine, all decked out in bright colours with candy pink accents, Ambassadeur Savon’s trolley is designed to offer universal access to techno music, as he can set up anywhere, completely autonomously.

The offbeat dancefloor repertoire includes 1990s acid tech house, 1980s synthwave sounds, loops referencing old-school TV shows and 32-bit computer sounds, a love story between a Minitel and Wi-Fi router, movie samples, interviews and more. Pierrot Delor sells his creations as a 14-track tape and wants to create “toiletry case” albums with an item such as a comb or toothbrush for each track. Ambassadeur Savon plunges you into his soapy and spiky world of bursting bubbles in a sexy fun electro street dance with a definite Belgian flare. This quirky electro street music will get your ear buds popping and have you dancing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!



Pierrot Delor was raised in a family of musicians and music lovers, and learnt to play the piano and the trumpet. He discovered the world of percussion when travelling in Guadeloupe, perched atop a Gwo Ka drum. He was initially self-taught before taking classes to refine his rhythms and techniques, and develop a taste for asymmetric beats. At the age of 18, he played drums in a rock grunge band and then created the trad-folk band Cave Canem with his brother, Kryztof. He lived in Brussels and joined the Jazz Studio in Antwerp where he took classes with Chris Joris and shared the stage with him in the Maria Palatine Ensemble. Pierrot Delor is a constantly-evolving musician, specialised in mixing sounds and beats, who enjoys playing with multiple different percussions. He is also a graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker, and fully entered the world of electronic music around fifteen years ago as he pursued his teenage passion.


Pierrot Delor (musique, jeux, construction)

Sunday 10 July 2022
19:45 > 21:00
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes

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