Photo : Janick Martin Trio © Jérôme Sevrette
Les Zef et Mer, in partnership with Les Tombées de la Nuit, present
Les Zef et Mer
New Breton projects
For all ages

Les Zef et Mer festival is all about creating a stage, springboard and platform for innovative, risk-taking and creatively daring music groups from Brittany. The artists invited are often young and steeped in tradition, but also resolutely open to other influences and musical styles.

This year at Salle de la Cité, come and hear: A L’Evâillée, a creation commissioned from Emmanuelle Bouthillier for the 50th anniversary of Dastum. The project is intended to be a living, sound and visual excursion into the rich and vast oral tradition of Upper Brittany.

Bisiad will undoubtedly be the group that best represents the young generation of Breton musicians with these two harpists and singers presenting a dynamic and warm repertoire.

The Pichard-Vincendeau duo still work with the vielle and diatonic button accordion, but break away from the classics to give free rein to their more exotic interests.

Emezi is two young female musicians with a repertoire of original Breton songs and a touch of jazz.

The Janick Martin trio moves somewhere between European jazz with its sense of melody, improvisation and hybrid popular roots that merges in a new imaginary folklore.

Madelyn Ann is a new female voice from Brittany with Indie sounds somewhere between pop and atmospheric rock.

Tildé’s trance sounds offer innovative compositions of traditional Breton music with influences from a whole range of other styles (electro, rock, blues).

Sunday 15 January 2023
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes

Free price

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The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the Ille-et-Vilaine Department & the ministry of culture.

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