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Wall Of Fame
Studio Superbe
Lyrical, interactive and narcissistic video installation
From the age of 5

In 2018, with SMing, the Belgians from Studio Superbe took over the stage at the Opéra de Rennes for an incredible interactive and immersive experience of musical and lyrical morphing. Today, they are continuing the immersion in vibrations and harmonies with Wall Of Fame, a new, delightfully narcissistic choral installation created around four great operatic arias chosen by the Opéra de Rennes. This is the kind of interactive, emotional experience that Studio Superbe’s magicians are known for, combining technology, fun, wonder and live performance!



Since 2011 in Namur (Belgium), the team led by Gaëtan Libertiaux and Gaël Bertrand has been working as a hybrid studio for interactive art and design. Studio Superbe creates immersive interactive music installations that explore the world through perceptible sensibilities, gaps and openings. They examine the universe, language, music, the way thought takes shape (and lots of other things) and mix the real and digital worlds, action and emotion, technology and spectators. Pieces of smiles, sound molecules, electronic components and disorganised photons are sampled to create practical, useful and functional concepts, and sensory and interactive experiences through playful, offbeat concepts. Superbe is part of the Belgian network La Clic and works with their friends from Dogstudio, La Niche and Kikk. They have produced around thirty installations in various formats, including Gravity, Geometric music, Granular song, Pipeline, Beatbox machine, Interval, Treecolor, Hulala, and Dieu en somme.


Gaëtan Libertiaux (directeur artistique), Gaël Bertrand (concepteur), Gilles Bazelaire (partenaire)

Wednesday 05 July 2023 > Thursday 13 July 2023
Opéra de Rennes, Place de la Mairie, Rennes
Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. • Saturday and Sunday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Métro ligne A : arrêt République • Vélo Star Mairie

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