Photo : Vous êtes ici © Delphine Camili
Vous êtes ici
Patrice de Bénédetti
Choreographic solo in an athletic and social hand-to-hand combat
From the age of 10
In 2018, Patrice de Bénédetti performed his second choreographic solo at the festival. Dedicated to the theme of sports as a means of expression and social mobility, the piece mixed Coke cans, Marseille, Havana, Soweto, the autobiographical figure of his brother and thousands of children's voices dancing as an echo to these forgotten places of the world. It was the next instalment in what has since become a trilogy (Jean, solo pour un monument aux morts and Michèle), presented for three days at this year’s festival, immersing us into the fascinating world of Patrice de Bénédetti, a dancer and artist who is definitely unlike any other.

A former collaborator of the Ex Nihilo company, Patrice De Bénédetti has become a long-time friend of Les Tombées de la Nuit. In 2018 he performed this second instalment of what was to become a trilogy. Starting in the northern districts of Marseille, where he spent his childhood, with detours through the streets of Havana (Cuba) and the ghetto of Soweto (South Africa), he used words and movements to draw a map of the forgotten places of the world, making the stories of children, adolescents and young adults the focal point of his show. Again using reading, objects and autobiographical elements based on his brother (after focusing on his father in Jean), he explored the world’s most powerful social ladder: sports.

From two brothers looking for a solution to get out of their neighbourhood by joining the right football club, the piece branches off into baseball and boxing, as Coke cans mark out the performance spaces and the voice resonates with the tragic Mediterranean exiles of today. In this hope for a brighter tomorrow, millions of voices echo from forgotten places around the world. “Vous êtes ici” (You are here) answers back Patrice De Bénédetti in this finely crafted show made of sweat, breath and words that brings contemporary dance to beaches, ghettos, neighbourhoods, wastelands and alleyways.



Born in Marseille in 1971, Patrice de Bénédetti started out as a musician (bass player in the group Tarif Réduit), before discovering street theatre and collaborating with the companies Karnavire and Inflammable. In addition to his work as a composer, he joined the Ex Nihilo and Le Nomade Village collectives, as well as the Uz et Coutûmes company, to focus on dancing. He founded the P2BYM company with choreographer and dancer Yui Mitsuhashi, creating works for public space, such as Ôdan-hodô, Soto and Shûten. In Jean, his first solo creation from 2014, he pays tribute to his father for the Centenary of the First World War. With his 2018 solo production, Vous êtes ici, he focuses on his brother and the world of sports. For his latest piece, Michèle (2022), he places his mother at the heart of his work, in the final instalment of this magnificent personal choreographed trilogy that touches on universal themes. It is an adventure in dance and writing that Les Tombées de la Nuit has been following for seven years.


Patrice De Bénédetti : auteur, chorégraphe, interprète
Félicien Graugnard et Fabrice Nabé : regards extérieurs

Saturday 09 July 2022
19:00 > 19:40
Square Lucien Rose, Rennes

BUS : 44, C3, Arrêt Châteaudun
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