Photo : Underground © Vanessa Trojani
Romain Bertet / Compagnie L’Œil ivre
Underground exploration of choreography, archaeology and sound
From the age of 8
For his latest creation, Romain Bertet buries his head in the ground. It all starts with a hole and a faceless body, a new relationship with the earth, a strange inverted reality, and everything being upside down and back-to-front... Beyond the performance and physical endurance, this outdoor choreography and sound solo mixes feelings and sensations (anxiety, fear, amusement, absurdity, slapstick comedy), in a surprisingly artistic, raw and primitive ritual, somewhere between dance, theatre and staged installation.

This is the latest of three shows created by Romain Bertet, and is first-and-foremost a continuation of the dancer and choreographer’s work on burial and the underground space. In 2016, it started with the archaeological piece, De là-bas, which saw him swallowed up by a massive seven hundred kilo house made of clay. In 2018, there was Écoutervoir, where three people were immersed into a staged representation of disappearing bodies. Now, the radical burial of Underground pushes the boundaries even further by subjecting spectators to a character who is temporarily headless, and therefore without an identity.

The soundtrack, words, noises, voices and music collide imperceptibly and mingle with this moving body. We do not know what is happening below, but the missing head invites us to explore this unknown world and this fascinating, curious and invisible underground. The possibilities of this off-stage focus are endless.

Using a body stretched out on the ground that slowly transitions to vertical before finally standing like a human totem pole, Romain Bertet writes a magnificent choreographic piece about the memory of places and landscapes and the sudden emergence of living things from under our feet, about the boundary created by the ground, and associated imagination, vertigo and fantasies. It is impossible to take your eyes off this unusual performance of choreographed archaeology and a troubling reversal of common sense.



Romain Bertet started in sociology, anthropology, history and physics before trying his hand at dance, performance and theatre, working alongside choreographers and directors Maguy Marin, Alban Richard, Ambra Senatore and Georges Appaix. At the same time, he began to create his own solo and accompanied choreographies, with Feldspath (alongside visual artist Barbu Bejean) and Le fond du lac (alongside author Samuel Gallet). Based near Toulon, in 2015 he created the company L’Œil ivre et ouvre, and in September 2017, Le Volatil, a creative venue for dancers, performers, actors and visual artists. His first piece, De là-bas (2016), followed by Ecoutervoir (2018), placed him at the crossroads between dance, theatre and staged installation. At the same time, he presented solo performances, such as Acte 3: avant de commencer, Les Animals, Un cas fort singulier. Since September 2017, he has been an associate artist at LE ZEF, the Marseille national theatre. Underground is his latest creation (2020).


Conception, interprétation, texte : Romain Bertet
Texte et dramaturgie : Samuel Gallet
Régie et création son : Eric Petit
Complicité artistique : Vivianne Balsiger
Regard extérieur : Max Fossati

Saturday 09 July 2022
17:30 > 18:10
La Capitainerie – Les Petits Bateaux, Canal Saint-Martin, Rennes
Sunday 10 July 2022
17:30 > 18:10
La Capitainerie – Les Petits Bateaux, Canal Saint-Martin, Rennes

Bus : 12, Arrêt Auberge de Jeunesse • Vélo Star : 158 rue de Saint-Malo

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