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TeKeMat 6Tem
Minimalist and autonomous techno band with a solar-powered sound system
For all ages
Since 2017, Matt Garreau, Matthieu Letournel and Fabrice Bayard (MadFab) have been playing this “acoustic sound system”, using drums, sousaphone and live mixing to rework their combined taste for acoustic sounds and techno music. With this new extension into “6TeM”, the TeKeMat trio has invented the autonomous mobile public space version of a show originally designed for the stage. With the “solar speaker – DJ Booth”, developed by evenTerra to provide 100% solar-powered sound, “brass house” will create surprise in the streets of Rennes!

One plays the drums (Matt Garreau), the other plays the sousaphone (Matthieu Letournel). The third (MadFab) collects sounds from the other two to mix music live from the back of the stage. With their shared taste for acoustic sounds and repetitive music (generally called “techno”), “Brass House” built this highly danceable “acoustic sound system” with an electro kick. After four years of delivering their set on stage in a front-facing format, TeKeMat set out to create an autonomous mobile version. At the heart of the project, the “solar speaker – DJ Booth”, developed by evenTerra, provides 100% solar-powered sound for a highly concrete solution to events-related environmental problems.

Autonomy and agility are the pillars of the TeKeMat 6Tem project, which is based on the ability of the musicians to adapt their artistic approach to the constraints of energy independence, and the major research and development advances made in solar-powered sound systems. In this outdoor version for streets, parks, beaches and gardens, the “solar speaker – DJ Booth” becomes the centre of the story, with the MadFab character half-hidden in the shadows.

Don’t miss the premiere at Les Tombées de la Nuit on Sunday 4 July in the streets of Rennes !



They share the same first name, the same hoodie and baseball cap uniform, and the same unconditional love for techno music. Matthieu Letournel (sousaphone) and Matt “la Batte” Garreau (drums) formed TeKeMaT in 2017, teaming up with Fabrice “MadFab” Bayard, who mixes the acoustic sounds played on stage live, giving them their electro kick. As a unique and danceable “acoustic sound system”, and the most minimalist brass band out there, “Brass House” set out to create an autonomous mobile version of their stage set by using the “solar speaker – DJ Booth” developed by evenTerra, providing 100% solar-powered sound. This TeKeMaT 6Tem defends an innovative technical and artistic approach by bringing a concrete solution to events-related environmental problems. The “solar speaker – DJ Booth” is available for hire in Brittany via EvenTerra, which has the exclusive operating rights.


Matthieu Garreau : batterie, percussions
Matthieu Letournel : soubassophone, trompette, flûtes
Fabrice Bayard (MadFab) : Ingénieur son, modulR

Sunday 04 July 2021
15:30 > 19:00
Centre ville de Rennes
Surprises apparitions

More information 02 99 32 56 56
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