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Shake it like a caveman
Steamy, seething blues in a one-man band
Blake “Snake” Burris comes straight out of Nashville (Tennessee) with his guitar, harmonica and a few drums to share his passion for authentic, raw and rootsy blues. The liberating “Shake it like a Caveman” blends boogie, delta blues, rock ‘n’ roll and voodoo chanting.

Blake “Snake” Burris comes straight out of Nashville (Tennessee), where he tours the States in his old van, with occasional stints in Europe for the Binic Folk Blues Festival, Bars en Trans and Rennes label Beast Records. He performs alone, armed with his guitar, harmonica and a few drums to share his passion for authentic, raw and rootsy blues. Shake It Like A Caveman is a powerful one-man band which blends boogie, delta blues, voodoo chanting, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and work songs in down-to-earth, grimy and scintillating concerts, which are the perfect opportunity to dance and let off steam.

The big family of blues one-man bands in Europe (including Portuguese artist The Legendary Tigerman and Swedish artist Bror Gunnar Jansson) has always been somewhat envious of North-American musicians, who carry the torch of this century-old art form born in the Mississippi Delta. Blake “Snake” Burris was born forty years ago in Chattanooga (Tennessee), and it must have been a full moon that night as the kindly spirits of African American blues artists Robert Johnson, Son House and Charlie Patton crooned over his cradle. Passionate about this music and convinced that his skin colour did not reflect the rhythm and blues in his soul, he came up with his Shake It Like A Caveman alter ego in the 2000s as he travelled the world with his slide guitar, harmonica, bass drum and hi-hat.

His groove, boogie riffs worthy of John Lee Hooker, voodoo rhythms, and raw, animal energy create a pure, grimy and coarse blues. This vampire-like preacher with a great sense of humour has developed a new genre somewhere between the work songs of the muddy banks of the Mississippi and Hollywood B movies, wild rock ‘n’ roll Memphis boogie and New Orleans groove blues. His wild and energetic music to dance to transforms each of his concerts into a hypnotic and exalting “rock ‘n’ roll one-man band dance party”.


Blake “Snake” Burris was born forty years ago in Chattanooga (Tennessee). Blues has been his life from an early age and has been a continuous source of inspiration, despite his skin colour. Since creating his one-man band and on-stage alter ego, Shake It Like A Caveman, in 2002, he has been travelling the States in his van, building up a strong reputation along what remains of the “Chitlin Circuit”, where African American musicians traditionally performed, with occasional performances in Australia. He was discovered in France by Rennes label, Beast Records, and the Binic Blues Festival (where he is a regular guest artist). He has performed in Rennes several times (Bar en Trans) and has since regularly toured in Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria), becoming a household name in underground punk-rock. His grimy, primal, groovy and dancing blues features has generated a number of albums, including Or Will It Take Everything (2007), When You Smile I See Your Fangs (2010) and Digital Football (2011).


Blake Burris : guitar, harmonica, bass drum.

Thursday 05 July 2018
21:30 > 22:30
Cloître de L’Église Saint-Mélaine, Rennes


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