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Sans Existence Fixe
Compagnie Jean Beaucé
The political and poetical everyday theatre of people with no fixed existence
This adaptation of author and playwright Eugène Durif’s Pochade Millénariste was created last year as a continuation of the collaborative work by director Jean BEAUCÉ’s company on the notion of citizens of the world. In a world of people with no voice, no country, no home and no employment, people on whom the liberal economy has waged war, Cécile Kiffer, Dominique Malherbe and François Possémé release rapid-fire words, sounds and notes, which resound as scathing, humorous and emotive cries in this theatrical and musical performance featuring two characters.

As the parties and celebrations to bring in the new millennium grow closer, people excluded from society huddle together on the outskirts so as not to give the city a negative image. During a large power cut, they come out of hiding to improvise a fun street carnival – a “beggar’s feast”. This is the story behind the play “Pochade Millénariste” (1999) by contemporary author and playwright Eugène Durif, on which actor Cécile Kiffer based this adaptation dedicated to the voiceless, countryless, homeless and unemployed battling with the liberal economy and who take centre stage in this play.

The COMPAGNIE JEAN BEAUCÉ collective (Dominique Malherbe, musical performance, François Possémé, sound, and Jean Beaucé, direction) have thrown themselves into creating “S.E.F.” (No Fixed Existence), which was shown last year at Station-Théâtre, a former service station in La Mézière, near Rennes. Since then, they have been touring this adaptive play in a variety of locations, along with a full performance of Pochade Millénariste, which also features backstage monologues in support of the victims of the economic war ravaging our society.

The play revolves around two central female characters: La Gueulante, with her frantic stories, accounts and cries, and Marianne, who plays out brutal rejection of anyone who fails to find favour in her eyes to the sound of a violin and mandolin. These two lost and cash-strapped enthusiastic performers wander aimlessly, ridiculing their everyday experiences. Music, songs, and scathing, humorous and emotive words blend with the sounds of the city, adverts and barking dogs. A new world is gradually forged in this microscopic existence, a world that steps out of the box into a violent and poetic reality. S.E.F. is somewhere between theatre and community activism, and is the latest phase in the long history of theatrical work by Rennes-born artist Jean BEAUCÉ.


From 1990 to 2004, Jean BEAUCÉ worked as a director with Digor Dor, creating around fifteen shows with François Le Gallou. For seventeen years, he was also assistant director and then director of Théâtre L’Aire Libre in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (North-West France), until late 2012. He then founded COMPAGNIE JEAN BEAUCÉ with actress Cécile Kiffer and musician and sound engineer François Possemé. Following on from works such as Histoire de Marie de Brassaï (2003) and 130 grammes environ (2005), the collective has continued to explore theatrical forms that present material from the people, fragments of reality that are transformed and poeticised through a fusion of writing, acting, music, sound effects and video images. In partnership with Théâtre L’Aire Libre in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, the company is still on its quest for authentic theatre with Nous/Archéologie domestique (2015) featuring actor Massimo Dean, and Sans Existence Fixe (S.E.F.) (2016) featuring musician (violin, mandolin) and composer Dominique Malherbe.


Adaptation et jeu : Cécile Kiffer / Musique et interprétation musicale : Dominique Malherbe / Univers sonore : François Possémé /Mise en scène : Jean Beaucé

Friday 07 July 2017 > Thursday 08 February 2018
Parc du Thabor, Rennes
Cloître St Melaine, RENNES

120 people
Lignes a-C1-C5-9 arrêt Sévigné station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Place Hoche
cognitif moteur
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