Photo : Melaine Dalibert © Suan Lin
Les Tombées de la Nuit, in partnership with Le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, present
Piano Solo
Melaine Dalibert
Contemporary music
For all ages
French composer, pianist and performer, Melaine Dalibert, plays with structures, silences and codes to build an ethereal and sensitive sound, which is both melodic and percussive. At the crossroads of the neo-classical, minimalist and contemporary schools, he casts aside scholarly dogmas and breaks down barriers between genres by building unique and singular objects somewhere between pop motifs, repetitive figures and algorithmic writing, reminiscent of Debussy, Gorecki, Satie, Terry Riley, Mark Hollis and Sylvain Chauveau.

As a performer, Melaine Dalibert was first actively committed to sharing a contemporary repertoire, playing composers such as Gérard Pesson, Giuliano D’Angiolini, Tom Johnson and Sébastien Roux. At the same time, over the past fifteen years he has worked as a composer, primarily for piano, merging the radicality of repetitive and algorithmic processes with much more popular influences. Borrowing from various sources without ever reducing his inspiration, and easily taking on a certain form of classicism while refusing the comfort of academicism, he mixes piano drones, repetitive motifs from contemporary music, post-modern harmonies, tangled melodies and hypnotic pop songs. Alongside his discography as a performer, recording piano works by Anastassis Philippakopoulos last year, he now has five albums of his compositions:  Quatre pièces pour piano (2015), Ressac (2017), Musique pour le lever du jour (2018), Cheminant (2019) and Infinite ascent (2020).

Melaine Dalibert on piano reveals a treasure trove of formal and emotional inventions, an innovative force as out-there as it is subtle, which refuses posture and abandons itself to meandering through loopholes, illusions, semi darkness and red herrings. “Solo piano” concerts by this extraordinary melodist take us on a musical journey that blends reinterpreted pop, contemporary repertoires and compositions to create moments of emotion.


Melaine Dalibert is a French pianist, performer and composer born in 1979, who mixes his own works with contemporary pieces. He regularly works with musicians such as Will Guthrie, Sylvain Chauveau, l’Ensemble 0, Joachim Florent, Manuel Adnot, Stéphane Garin and his brother Elie Dalibert in the quartet Unicorn, and partners with artists for exhibitions (Véra Molnar, François Morellet, Marcel Dinahet, Jacques Perconte). He performs at French and international festivals (e.g. Newport Contemporaries Music Series, Variations festival, la Route du Rock, Frim-Syd, Musica, Autres Mesures), at art centres (e.g. Rennes and Nancy Opera Houses, Collège des Bernardins, Lieu Unique, La Criée, Palais de Tokyo, Kunsthalle Bremen) and now has five albums of his compositions:  Quatre Pièces Pour Piano (2015), Ressac (2017), Musique pour le lever du jour (2018), Cheminant (2019), Infinite ascent (2020) and recordings of piano works by Anastassis Philippakopoulos (2020).

Monday 27 December 2021
16:30 > 17:10
Hôtel de Courcy, 9 rue Martenot, Rennes
Monday 27 December 2021
18:30 > 19:10
Hôtel de Courcy, 9 rue Martenot, Rennes

5€ full price, 2€ Sortir! price (+ booking fee)
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