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Patua Nou
Le Corridor
Illustrated and singing promenade theatre
From the age of 8
By reinterpreting the age-old art of Patachitras, an art form originating in West Bengal where stories are painted on a scroll and sung, the Liège-based actress and director Dominique Roodthooft has created this promenade theatre experience with artists from drawing, writing, music, and theatre backgrounds. Patua Nou is an initiative devoted to the theme of exile, created around eight stories magnificently drawn by eight illustrators on “scrolls of life”, then read and sung by actors. The audience walks among these little forms of music and drawing and discovers a happy and poetic perspective of modern migrations.

Dominique Roodthooft’s artistic work consistently focuses on humans and their resilience. Here she examines exile as a vital and universal movement to other places. She adapts the tradition of “patuas”, storytellers from West Bengal who paint their own scrolls illustrating stories, tales and poetry. As they are unrolled, they are translated into song by young actors, pointing along as the story is told. Eight illustrators appropriated different life accounts gathered in the Greater Region of Luxembourg (Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany) to create new illustrated stories put to music by Pierre Kissling. The outcome is eight different sung narratives that each reflect a reality of exile (economic, political, poetic, chosen, interior, exile from exile, absence of exile and exile from others).

Wandering among the Patachitras stations, the audience stops to see and hear these life accounts that echo the great modern migrations. Small sensitive forms that push away fear or suffering, not to flee reality, but to look at it from a benevolent, curious and inquisitive perspective.


Le Corridor / Dominique Roodthooft

A social worker before committing herself full time to stage writing and producing non-theatrical texts, actress and director Dominique Roodthooft defends the human aspect and ties with “real life”. She is the founder and artistic director of the Liège-based multidisciplinary company and performing arts organisation, Le Corridor. Le Corridor focuses a growing interest on art forms where theatre is not central, but in which theatricality is present (poetic scientific lectures, staged artwork, staged tales, illustrated documentaries, idea laboratories, etc.). From Le Paradis des chiens (1998), Le dernier chant d’Ophélie (1999) and Sur les traces d’Oskar Serti (2000) to Cocon (2018) and Patua Nou (2019), she has written and directed around twenty shows recognised by international festivals (Kunstenfestivaldesart, Avignon, etc.).


Conception et mise en scène : Dominique Roodthooft
Composition des chants : Pierre Kissling
Aide à la dramaturgie : Patrick Corillon, Isabelle Dumont et Valérie Perin
Jeu et chant : Charlotte Allen, Audric Chapus, Nora Dolmans, Isabelle Dumont, Emilie Franco, Shana Mpunga, Anna Solomin, Fiona Willemaers
Scénographie : Valérie Perin et Rüdiger Flörke
Infographie : Raoul Lhermitte
Dessins : Anne Brugni, Hélène Drénou, François Godin, Pascal Lemaître, Céline Thoué, Camille Van Hoof, Lasse Wandschneider, Cyrille Aron, Nausicaa Gournay
Merci à : Edith Bertholet, Patrick Corillon, Nina Cosco, Sandra Gasparotto, Csilla Kemenczei, Nicole Kohnen, Elsa Mescoli, Emmanuelle Nsunda, Luc Snoeck, Brigitte Vandenbossche

Saturday 03 July 2021
15:00 > 18:00
Parc du Thabor, porte du Square Lucien Rose, Rennes
Departure every 15mn • Last departure at 4pm30 • Duration of the walk : 1h15
Sunday 04 July 2021
15:00 > 18:00
Parc du Thabor, porte du Square Lucien Rose, Rennes
Departure every 15mn • Last departure at 4pm30 • Duration of the walk : 1h15

Free • No reservation required
30 people maximum in every group
More information 02 99 32 56 56

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