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Moshi Moshi
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From the age of 12

For this artistic creation, Nicolas Goujon and Gwen Pacotte, well-accustomed to installations exploring public space and new information technologies, quickly chose to use a simple digital medium available to most people. What better than a mobile telephone to bring together three entities: the city, the spectator and the artist?

For this encounter of a new kind between Rennes’ heritage and the world of music, Lagencevoid recorded the memories and anecdotes of some forty artists, musicians, authors, and composers, about a specific place in the city. At each site, in the real world and the real city, a label with a telephone number invites the spectator to contact the artist in question.

A single number is assigned to each artist and site pair. This simple concept lets anyone discover unexpected places, sites that have become emblematic for an artist through their career or their history with the city. The public gets to know the artist more intimately in a story told over the phone that they can spontaneously share by text message with their own network. This unique experience will be available for free around the clock, all summer long, from 1 July to 29 August. “Hello? Moshi moshi?”



Created in 2010 by Nicolas Goujon and Gwenn Pacotte, Lagencevoid is a French non-profit association devoted to cooperative contemporary experimental artistic creation.  Their aim is to design and develop experimental art forms or hybrid and new performance projects, ephemeral structures for artistic dissemination and to provide production assistance. Nicolas Goujon and Gwenn Pacotte generally explore the relationship of art with its audience, find new ways to exhibit and/or present an artistic work, and develop ad hoc mediation tools. They’ve been involved in dozens of production assistance projects (R3m3, L’antre de Richard III, Toutes les choses géniales, etc.), music projects (the Versailles chantiers series), installations and works in progress, including La Kroix, Chants d’oiseaux, Apark, NB Mobile, Apark 2.0, Opéra animé, Reset : nous sommes un peuple d’ondes, and Banquise.


Une création de Nicolas Goujon et Gwenn Pacotte avec une quarantaine d’artistes musiciens, auteurs, compositeurs rennais.


Sunday 19 September 2021 > Sunday 26 September 2021
Centre ville de Rennes

More information 02 99 32 56 56

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The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the Ille-et-Vilaine Department & the ministry of culture.

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