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Jazz, groove and dance for young audiences
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When this drum-percussion virtuoso creates a concert project for young audiences, he goes looking for dance, trance and the chance to share rhythmic beats. Mathilda Haynes (guitar) and Guillaume Dutrieux (euphonium) join Antonin Leymarie with Morphing, an intense immersive and participatory experience with the audience moving freely close to the musicians. These lively melodic grooves are based on the various “clave” traditions (from Africa, America and the Caribbean) with turbulent and melodic grooves that make for a fantastic dance machine!



Born in 1977 in Les Lilas, Antonin Leymarie initially trained in piano and classical percussion at the Hector Berlioz Conservatory in Paris, then in jazz at the CNSM. After numerous musical trips to West Africa, he joined the contemporary circus troupe Les Colporteurs, followed by the Supernatural Orchestra, the Imperial Orpheon company and the Imperial Quartet. In 2012, he founded the Magnetic Ensemble and then his solo project, Hyperactive Leslie (2020), alongside theatre compositions for Joël Pommerat.


Mathilda Haynes trained at the American School of Music in Paris and then at the Jazz Department of Monash University in Melbourne (Australia) and has since accompanied artists from a wide range of styles (hip-hop, afro, jazz, electro) on guitar and bass, including Sandra Nkake, Magic Malik, Winston McAnuff, Mélissa Laveaux and Camélia Jordana.


Antonin Leymarie (batterie, conception, composition), Mathilda Haynes (guitare), Guillaume Dutrieux (euphonium, trompette basse)

Sunday 09 July 2023
16:00 > 16:45
Le Grand Huit, 20 rue Pierre Martin (en face de l’école maternelle Quineleu)

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