Photo : Anima © Kevin Rolland
Antonin Leymarie
Organic and explosive trance for sounds and bodies motion
From the age of 11

Anima has been matured over several years by Parisian drummer, percussionist and composer Antonin Leymarie, a virtuoso of rhythm. It is based on the encounter and interaction between three krump dancers and three musicians (bass, guitar, drums). Based in a circular space leaving the centre of the arena to the dancers, this organic trance, a distant descendant of traditional Malinké beats from West Africa, explores new territory, between electro and acoustic, feverish beats and soundscapes. It’s an absolute quest for freedom.



Born in 1977 in Les Lilas, Antonin Leymarie initially trained in piano and classical percussion at Hector Berlioz Conservatory (Paris). After successfully graduating, he set off for West Africa to learn the djembe and dunun, and traditional Malian Malinke and Mandingo. On his return, he enrolled in a jazz class at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMP) as a drummer. He joined the contemporary circus troupe Les Colporteurs, followed by the Surnatural Orchestra, the Imperial Orpheon company and the Imperial Quartet. In 2012, he founded his Magnetic Ensemble and released the album Rainbow (2018). Continuing his adventures in augmented drumming, with objects and materials captured using a piezo microphone and filtered with a Pearl Syncussion synthesizer, he created the solo Hyperactive Leslie (2020), somewhere between electro and acoustic. With Mathilda Haynes (guitar) and Victor Auffray (euphonium), he developed the children’s performance, Morphing, in 2021. At the same time, he has composed in numerous plays by playwright Joël Pommerat.

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