Photo : Métamorphées © Anne-Cécile Esteve
Les Tombées de la Nuit, in partnership with le Centre social des Champs Manceaux, present
Métamorphées, ou l’éloge de l’aube
Anne-Cécile Esteve
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day
For all ages

One year after its first edition, Métamorphées, a photography project on our relationship with self-image, explored through pictures of people waking up in the morning, is coming to Bréquigny. This time, after being exhibited on the city’s bus stops in 2021, the portraits of people from Rennes waking up, with “uncontrolled” faces full of sleep, will be exhibited on the facade of the Champs Manceaux Social Centre.

For several weeks, photographer Anne-Cécile Esteve will once again be inviting herself to sleep at the homes of strangers to photograph them as they wake up in the morning. A simple set-up in their living rooms, with a black backdrop, two flash bulbs and a stool, enables her to capture faces in the early morning, between two states of consciousness, in a fleeting moment when the fragile, sensual and intimate aspects of our soul are portrayed and dare to express themselves before our minds take over.

Anne-Cécile Esteve experiences this project as a journey. Opening the door into a stranger’s home means settling in with them for an evening. It means listening to someone’s life story while sharing a meal with them. It means discovering the rich diversity of someone’s world and seeing them for what makes them unique.

Sunday 10 April 2022 > Friday 09 September 2022
Centre social des Champs Manceaux, Rennes

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