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Marius, Fanny et César • La Trilogie
Comp. Marius
Pagnol forever in open-air theatre
From the age of 12
The 2019 festival will end with a wonderful theatrical adventure on three days at Etangs d’Apigné. The collaboration between Flemish company Marius and Tombées de la Nuit which began with Manon et Jean de Florette (2010) and Le Schpountz (2014) will reach a kind of conclusion with the marathon presentation of the full Marcel Pagnol theatrical trilogy: the plays Marius, Fanny and César, a family saga broken up with aperitifs, snacks and a meal, creating time to be together in the open air.

In 1929, Marcel Pagnol wrote his play Marius, aged thirty-five. Two years later, he took on the second part, Fanny, and finished off the trilogy six years later with César. This is a family saga about a boy becoming a man with a father who persists in seeing him as a child, and he would later say that the first was a comedy, the second a drama, and the third a tragedy that ends well.

Launched in 1999 with the play Marius, which would end up giving its name to the company, the open-air theatre work of Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier on Marcel Pagnol started using old circus stands. They continued this approach over the years, extending it with a simple, friendly meal for the audience. This would be followed by Regain, Manon et Jean de Florette, Figaro, Le Schpountz and, of course, La Trilogie: Marius, Fanny et César.

In Rennes, all three plays will be performed one after another in a five-hour open-air show, interspersed with a meal, snacks, and plenty of drink, also used to draw the audience into the action, and bringing an end to our Flemish friends’ twenty years of work on Marcel Pagnol’s creations. All in the magical setting of Étangs d’Apigné, an emblematic location in the history and memory of the festival.


Comp. Marius, theatremakers since 1991, was founded by Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier in Antwerp out of their discovery of Marcel Pagnol’s theatrical works, and specialises in outdoor open-air performances. Gramser and Van Trier worked as part of the company tg STAN (1991-1993), then with Guy Cassiers in the company Maten (1994-1996), and in recent years (1997-2005), as part of the De Onderneming collective of actors, of which they were founding members. It is the open-air section of this collective that has taken the name Comp. Marius. With Marius (the play, 1999), they left indoor theatres behind and set up some old wooden stands. Le Schpounz rounded off fifteen years of work on Pagnol, which had included Regain, Fanny et César and Manon et Jean de Florette. At the Tombées de la Nuit festival in 2010, Manon et Jean de Florette introduced this company to Rennes, which now returns with this comprehensive presentation of Pagnol’s theatre.


Traduction et adaptation : Waas Gramser, Kris Van Trier.
Traduction française : Monique Nagielkopf.
Comédiens : Kristine Van Pellicom, Frank Dierens, Waas Gramser, Koen Van Impe, Kris Van Trier, Filip Jordens.
Costumes : Thijsje Strypen.
Administration : Koen Bollen.
Décor et technique : Koen Schetske, Bram Verhagen, Stevie Van Haver.
Production et diffusion : Margot Vervliet.
Cuisine sld de : John Dejans, RoelVan Camp.


Coproduction : Comp.Marius en collaboration avec Zomer Van Antwerpen 1999, 2001


Friday 12 July 2019
18:00 > 22:30
Les Étangs d’Apigné – Base Nautique, Rennes
Saturday 13 July 2019
18:00 > 22:30
Les Étangs d’Apigné – Base Nautique, Rennes
Sunday 14 July 2019
12:00 > 16:30
Les Étangs d’Apigné – Base Nautique, Rennes

25€ / 12€ Sortir ! (Meals included)
Lignes de Bus : Ligne Api'Bus
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