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Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with le 4bis, le Centre Pénitentiaire pour Femmes de Rennes, le SPIP 35 and la ligue de l'enseignement 35 present
Mamies Guitares & Facteur Sauvage
Daniel Scalliet & Mathieu Sourisseau
Poetical manifesto and musical performance
A chance encounter between an actor and musician from 26000 Couverts and another improv. musician at La Friture Moderne (Dijon) in 2008 led some time later to the creation of a trio with Laurent Paris (drums) in the genre-breaking and eccentric FACTEUR SAUVAGE. This raw, compact and revolutionary self-made sound falls somewhere between the freedom of Fantazio, the inspirational figure of Captain Beefheart and the melodies of Tom Waits, with raspy guitars, screams, spoken word poetry and incantations backed by Dada-inspired blues and ramshackle swamp cabaret. Daniel Scalliet and Mathieu Sourisseau threw themselves wholeheartedly into the libertarian and participatory energy of this border-defying music, creating the MAMIES GUITARES project three years ago in Toulouse - a participatory performance for seven non-musical grannies, with seven chairs, seven amps and seven electric guitars.

The project consists of five days of workshops to collect words and writing on the theme: “what does it mean to be a granny in 2017?” Five days to get to know the electric guitar as a “sound transmitter” rather than a virtuoso instrument. MAMIES GUITARES is somewhere between an initiation to improvisation and understanding signs in order to achieve a common approach in a group performance of collective writing. These seven grannies will take rock’n roll back to its original purpose of complete lyrical and acoustic freedom. This wonderful project sees Daniel Scalliet and Mathieu Sourisseau give their answer to the question of how music and lyrics can create a genuinely unconventional artistic performance. Their two-step process, firstly of drafting a manifesto and then reading it during a somewhat discordant guitar concert, throws out the rule book and creates an intimate connection in this unique, celebratory, funny and moving performance. Perhaps our grannies have the poetical and electrical solution to our overly pragmatic world…


After performances in Toulouse (2014), Brest (2015) and Dijon (2016), the in situ adventure, MAMIES GUITARES, from the French Far West is coming to Rennes for two concerts, one at 4Bis and another in le Centre Pénitentiaire pour Femmes de Rennes.

With complicity of l’ADEC, La Paillette and le Centre Social Ty Blosne.

CRIJ, 4 Bis

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