Photo : Le Sacre © OGKCVH
Le sacre
Collectif La ville en feu
Walking choreographic and vocal performance
For all ages

This multidisciplinary collective of twelve artists, all dancers and singers, has created an exciting reinterpretation of Igor Stravinsky’s masterpiece, The Rite of Spring, involving movement and a cappella singing. In a walking performance for public space revolving around this orchestral score rewritten for twelve voices, this moving choral body offers an impressive show of energy and determination. It’s a vibrant and energising secular communion and a common cry for a common body, in jeans and sneakers.



La Ville en Feu is a multidisciplinary dance, theatre and singing art collective of twelve performers from France, Belgium and Switzerland, created in September 2015. In a choreographic and vocal research laboratory, they have created a new version of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, completely reworking the music and choreography and taking on the challenge of writing, music and movement. The danced choral approach rooted in the collective’s own specific choreographic language is a key component of the group’s work to try to give performances a new voice and a new breath. A first short version was presented in June 2016 as part of the Danse Élargie festival at the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), then for the first time at the Palais des papes in Avignon following their residency. In 2019, the collective developed the long version (45 minutes) which now tours year-round. Currently, La Ville en Feu is working on a new show, Les Planètes, an interstellar show based on the symphonic poem by Gustav Holst (1918).


De et avec Marius Barthaux, Maxime Bizet, Thomas Bleton, Louise Buléon-Kayser, Agathe De Wispelaere, Justine Dibling, Juliet Doucet, Giulia Dussollier, Jean Hostache, Alexandre Houy-Boucheny, Simon Peretti, Garance Silve et Myriam Jarmache (direction musicale).

Saturday 08 July 2023
18:00 > 18:40
Phakt, 5 place des Colombes, Rennes
Sunday 09 July 2023
11:30 > 12:10
Phakt, 5 place des Colombes, Rennes

Métro ligne B : arrêt Colombier • Bus C5, C6 : arrêt Colombier • Vélo Star : Colombier

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