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Les Tombées de la Nuit present
La vieille qui lançait des couteaux
Compagnie Amaranta
A gypsy adventure with a fairground theatre
From 12 years old
In the old gypsy caravan of the small travelling theatre company AMARANTA, actor, author and director MARTIN PETITGUYOT (26000 couverts, Théâtre Group) takes us on a fantastical and beautiful presentation of the gypsy world. He explores their long and difficult history, rural environment and life on the road, and the balance between setting down roots and travelling, by focusing on the life of an old woman the day before her final knife throw.

MARTIN PETITGUYOT has acted at our festival in various creations by our friends at 26000 Couverts (La grand Bal, les Tournées Fournel) and Le Théâtre Group (La Jurassienne de Réparation in 2004). This ardent supporter of street theatre created his own company seven years ago, fitting out a traditional caravan with age-old panelling so that he could continue to play “in places with no theatre.” LA VIEILLE QUI LANÇAIT DES COUTEAUX is AMARANTA’s first play and has been touring since its creation in 2011. It takes us on an emotional journey through time and memories, into a world that is hard, yet filled with affection and pride, a theatrical experience that transcends all the rules of popular entertainment.

The set consists of an old fairground caravan in the colours of times gone by, a few fences to mark off an arena covered with fine sand, and two target boards… Then there’s Hanna, the girl playing the accordion, her father, who carries the weight of the difficult life of travellers on his shoulders, and her loud-mouthed, free-spirited grandmother, who has known countless periods of history and places, experiencing love, hunger and war. She comes from a family of farmers but gave it all up to follow her bohemian soulmate, for whom she still lights a candle every night. While waiting to throw her knives, Camille Amaranta tells the story of the gypsy people with her characteristic unpredictability and pride.

Accompanied by accordion playing and songs from Emmanuelle Adler (Hanna), MARTIN PETITGUYOT performs all the roles in this very intimate performance, which pays tribute to both the gypsy and rural worlds he comes from. Drawing on this talented artist’s commitment, political engagement and precise writing, LA VIEILLE QUI LANÇAIT DES COUTEAUX is a beautiful fairground theatrical extravaganza that takes us far back in time under the starry skies.


Martin Petitguyot was born in the Jura countryside in eastern France, which inspired his idea of accessible culture and theatre that reaches out to others, and doesn’t get locked away in physical performance rooms. He spent a short period at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique and worked briefly in film before a long stint at 26000 couverts, Le Théâtre Group and La Femme à Barbe. In June 2010, this exceptional street performer founded his own company, AMARANTA, to create his first fairground performance: “La Vieille qui lançait des couteaux”. He is fascinated by the culture of travellers, Romani and gypsies, whose influence is plain to see in his own life and throughout the play. In this very personal performance, he tells the honest story of his own relationship with his origins and travelling, memory and modern life.


Mise en scène, écriture, jeu : Martin Petitguyot / Musicienne : Emmanuelle Ader / Régisseur : Reinier Sagel / Costume : Brigitte Pillot / Construction et décor : Géraldine Bessac, Pierre Mathiaut, Marianne Mangone / Administration : Agathe Lorne / Diffusion : Marie-France Pernin

Les Ateliers Frappaz – Centre métropolitain des arts urbains, Villeurbanne
Le Parapluie – Centre International de création artistique, Aurillac
L’Abattoir – Centre national des arts de la rue, Chalon sur Saône
Le Fourneau – Centre national des arts de la rue en Bretagne, Brest
La Vache qui rue – Lieu de fabrique des arts de la rue, Moirans en Montagne

La DRAC Bourgogne
Le Conseil Régional de Bourgogne
La Ville de Dijon

Thursday 06 July 2017
Parc du Thabor, Rennes
Thabor, RENNES
10:30 pm

10€ (Excluding rental fees) / 4€ (rate sortir)
100 people
Lignes a-C1-C5-9 arrêt Sévigné station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Sainte-Anne

2 places
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