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les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with les Ateliers Municipaux de la DVPF present
La Veillée
Cie Opus
Fire play with me
After creating LA VEILLÉE for the 2014 festival at the Apigné Lakes, the theatre company OPUS (Office des Phabricants d’Univers Singuliers) is bringing it back to be presented at a unique venue known to few people in Rennes. Mme Champolleau and Mr Gauthier will be returning, this time to the workshops of Renne’s DVPF (municipal cleaning and special events department).

In 2009, the two old-timers escaped from the production “La Quermesse de Ménetreux” and have gained independence and autonomy in the world of Pascal Rome and Chantal Joblon’s troupe. The jack-of-all-trades and the unforgettably talkative pensioner both still hail from Ménetreux, but this time they are staying at a local retirement home during an organised tour. For the last night, they will invite their hosts to join them around a fire to share bowl of French onion soup. Mr Gautier will tend the fire while Mme Champolleau takes care of conversation. They will also be joined by Guillaume, the activity coordinator at the retirement home.

During the discussion, topics will touch on cross-stitch, carnivals, Brigitte Bardot, aliens, onion peeling, bullfighters and cider-making techniques. They’ll talk of love, life, death and homemade blood sausage. They’ll pull the wool over our eyes and mistake dreams for reality…
We shouldn’t reveal too much about an OPUS production and their imaginative ways of turning reality inside out and upside down. If you look beyond the burlesque and sharp humour, this heart-warming yet irreverent theatre mixes scripted writing and unscripted improvisation while creating unique complicity with the audience. LA VEILLÉE is an interactive and malleable experience marked once again by the “phabricated objects” so dear to OPUS, providing the finest in popular yet meticulous theatre.

Friday 19 January 2018
20:00 > 22:00
Ateliers Municipaux DVPF, Rennes
Saturday 20 January 2018
20:00 > 22:00
Ateliers Municipaux DVPF, Rennes
Sunday 21 January 2018
16:00 > 18:00
Ateliers Municipaux DVPF, Rennes

10€ / 8€ / 4€
Bus C4-C6 arrêt Plaine de Baud

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