Photo : La Renverse © Les Ombres Portées
New Work
La Renverse
Compagnie Les ombres portées
A fairground and maritime epic in magical shadow theatre
Shadow theater
For all ages

This company returns to public space with new night-time staging and a new piece recounting the maritime epic of a lighthouse keeper in search of a sailorwoman… The worlds of Georges Méliès, Italo Calvino and Jules Verne blend together in this fairground wonder, a tale where panoramic sets, fabulous landscapes, articulated puppets and aquatic monsters all come to life through the magic of “shadow theatre”. With three puppeteers and three live musicians, Les ombres portées take us deep into an imaginary and poetic journey.


> Compagnie LES OMBRES PORTÉES (France)

This shadow theatre company was founded in 2009 and brings together up to fifteen artists and technicians from different backgrounds, depending on the project, who all pool their expertise in music, scenography, construction, drawing, lighting, writing and more. Each creation experiments with new scenographic and dramaturgical forms, and a special musical score aligned with the theme addressed. It creates shows for all ages, combining images and live music, and also offers scenographic projects and shadow theatre workshops for all audiences. The company’s first collective creation, Pekee-Nuee-Nuee (2011), ran for 142 performances. After two scenographic works for public space (Memory in 2012, and Panoscope in 2013), the company created two large-scale indoor performances: Les Somnambules (2015) – 127 performances and Natchav (2019) – 226 performances. La renverse (2024) is the company’s latest creation for public space.

Billetterie en ligne
Friday 05 July 2024
23:00 > 00:00
Ancienne école Papu, 16 rue Papu, Rennes
Saturday 06 July 2024
23:00 > 00:00
Ancienne école Papu, 16 rue Papu, Rennes

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