Photo : Lévitation réelle © L'immediat
La lévitation réelle
Compagnie L'Immédiat / Camille Boitel
Dizzying impromptu acrobatic inversion in public space
For all ages

We can’t tell you anything about this magnificent impromptu acrobatic show, shaped and choreographed by Camille Boitel, or we’ll lose the dramatic intensity of the element of surprise. Let’s just say that by continuing his work on the earth’s attraction, the acrobat, dancer and director, along with his four carriers and acrobats, attempt to deconstruct the idea of weight and create the illusion of weightlessness. By turning head over heels the perception of reality, vertigo and the idea of no longer touching the ground, this show transports us deep into surrealist absurdity, poetic wonder and circus magic.


> CAMILLE BOITEL / Compagnie L’IMMÉDIAT (France)

Camille Boitel trained at a very young age at Annie Fratellini’s circus school and went on to win the first edition of the Jeunes talents du cirque (2002). He is an accomplished circus artist, combining practices and disciplines such as tightrope walking, acrobatics, dancing, acting and music, and he uses his skills to tell stories in a decidedly contemporary approach. In the past twenty years, he has created, written, orchestrated and directed a repertoire of some thirty shows: L’Homme de Hus (2003), Variation comique (2003), L’Immédiat (2009), La Jubilation (2009), La construction du vide (2011), La machinajouer (2013), Le système sensible (2015), etc. His highly physical productions often portray spectacular and theatrical confrontations between man and matter, mixing flight and momentum, tragedy and comedy. With his circus fictions skilfully orchestrated around humour, fatalism and despair, Camille Boitel focuses on the polymorphous, instantaneous and elusive to offer “touching snapshots of our lives in shards and our humanity in ruins” with a dozen variations currently on tour.


Camille Boitel (écriture et chorégraphie), Sève Bernard (assistante à la mise en scène, regard extérieur), Hemda Ben Zvi, Camille Boitel, Vincent Brière, Tuk Frederiksan, Voleak Ung, Enrico Ferluga, Africa Llorens, Céleste Mendozi, Nahuel Menendez, Johnson Saint-Felix, Maxime Seghers (interprètes en alternance), Stéphane Graillot (régie générale), Elsa Blossier, Julie Rigault, et Agathe Fontain (production, administration, diffusion).

Wednesday 05 July 2023 > Thursday 06 July 2023
Centre ville de Rennes
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