Photo : Jean © Vincent Vanhecke
Jean, solo pour un monument aux morts
Patrice de Bénédetti
Choreographic solo in a tense hand-to-hand combat with memory and words
From the age of 10
We discovered this magnificent solo in 2016, as part of Dimanche à Rennes. In this first solo exercise, the dancer and choreographer from Marseille took us on a journey around the Centenary of the First World War as he explored the figure of his father. Performed in Rennes at the Square de la Motte, then at the Cimetière de l'Est, Jean returns to the cemetery six years later. This time around, we have been able to programme the complete version of what has since become a “trilogy” with Vous êtes ici (2018) and his latest creation, Michèle (2022). A three-day immersion into the fascinating world of Patrice de Bénédetti, a dancer and artist who is definitely unlike any other.

In 2016, Patrice de Bénédetti, a kindred spirit who we met at the festival when he performed with the company Ex Nihilo invited us to this magnificent choreographic declaration with this “solo” developed for the symbolic site of a War Memorial. This vibrant tribute to Jean Jaurès, as well as to his father and “all the Jean’s and Hans’s who went off to war”, is a reminder of the great social struggles that are still being waged today. However the piece is first and foremost a magnificent choral text from the Marseille native, with its harsh poetry and haiku-inspired tense scansion. In response, a body carried by fervour, at times disjointed or aided by crutches, slips between the words, illustrating and rearing its head in forms derived from Japanese Butoh.

This tired soldier travels through time to make us think about the unspeakable devastation of the First World War (the play was created for the Centenary of 1914), but also about the permanent nature of the great social battles, and the memory of the proletarian struggle that ended up becoming cannon fodder. Between tenderness, incandescence and benevolence, the dancer, choreographer and author celebrates giving and hope in a finely crafted show, full of delicacy and sensitivity. The brilliantly choreographed performance re-appropriates a place of remembrance and meditation and will return to its original stage at the Cimetière de l’Est in Rennes.



Born in Marseille in 1971, Patrice de Bénédetti started out as a musician (bass player in the group Tarif Réduit), before discovering street theatre and collaborating with the companies Karnavire and Inflammable. In addition to his work as a composer, he joined the Ex Nihilo and Le Nomade Village collectives, as well as the Uz et Coutûmes company, to focus on dancing. He founded the P2BYM company with choreographer and dancer Yui Mitsuhashi, creating works for public space, such as Ôdan-hodô, Soto and Shûten. In Jean, his first solo creation from 2014, he pays tribute to his father for the Centenary of the First World War. With his 2018 solo production, Vous êtes ici, he focuses on his brother and the world of sports. For his latest piece, Michèle (2022), he places his mother at the heart of his work, in the final instalment of this magnificent personal choreographed trilogy that touches on universal themes. It is an adventure in dance and writing that Les Tombées de la Nuit has been following for seven years.


Patrice De Bénédetti (auteur, chorégraphe, interprète)
Yui Mitsuhashi (regard extérieur)

Friday 08 July 2022
19:00 > 19:40
Cimetière de l’Est, Rennes

Bus : 11, Arrêt cimetière de l'Est

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