Photo : Jaillissement #2 © Clémence Jost
Les Champs Libres, in partnership with Rennes Métropole, Cuesta, Destination Rennes, l’Inrap, Au bout du plongeoir & Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Jaillissement #2
Joyful ritual in the city

After the 2012 presentation of Allez Rennes, au Gallo(p)!, a presentation which shone the light on the neuroses of the Rennes Métropole and ways of dealing with them, the Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine has been continuing its research and will be offering an upbeat and liberating cathartic ritual associated with the Vilaine River, and recent archaeological discoveries.

On a symbolic level, these explorations have revealed new signifiers, to such a degree as to disturb the local subconscious. The city’s upheaval has led to the idea of using flash therapy: digging up the past in order to get a better view of its shape before provoking a resurgence of local creative urges.

A giant parade and aperitif organised not far from these curious explorations will top off this great experience of collective catharsis.

This event, presented as part of the Journées Nationales de l’Archéologie (National Archaeology Days), is one of the three main events on the programme of the 26 Traversées de la Vallée de la Vilaine, each a collective walk for exploring the area, created as 26 therapeutic processes for releasing these creative urges.

Sunday 16 June 2019
11:00 > 13:00
Square Hyacinthe Lorette, Rue de la Monnaie, Rennes

More information 02 23 40 66 00

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The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the Ille-et-Vilaine Department & the ministry of culture.

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