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Les Tombées de la Nuit en partenariat avec La Roncette / Le Théâtre de Bécherel
L’île sans nom
L'instant Dissonant
Theatrical journey and immersive sound and flag tale
We’re going back to Bécherel, to the very place where the L’Instant Dissonant company took the first step in creating its new performance. Guillaume Lambert's team invites us to an ecological and historical tale in three parts, taking place over the course of a day, until nightfall, following one man's journey to an island in the southern hemisphere in search of his ancestors. The landscape becomes an actor, the flags are characters that flap in the wind, and fauna and flora become part of History, revealing the place of the living world.

First of all, there is a fresh take on the great period dramas, with their sound and light codes, which Guillaume Lambert has chosen to revisit in L’île sans nom. Historical theatre changes the scale, teaching modesty and minimalism, and comes down to the level of the landscape and the sound of a single guitar. The tale brings back the ghosts of colonisation and raises questions about how to better live in the world that surrounds us. To reach this thousand-year-old island, as the audience carries flag characters, they leave Athens and head for Saint-Denis, then Reunion and the volcanic Amsterdam Island, in the southern Indian Ocean. Over the course of a sound siesta, the intimacy and multiplicity of the island’s voices will be heard, just before nightfall, when the ghosts take over the land by following a strange thread of light.

This show is carefully crafted with theatrical ingenuity, using a whole host of ingenious ways to address major dramaturgical issues in a small form. In this true baptism of the living world, the constant interaction with the landscape, as it transitions from scenery to actor by embodying different characters, gives the natural space heritage status, all while giving its flags a new imaginary heraldry. L’Instant Dissonant invents a unique and touching form of theatre, with writing that gives the plant, animal and geological worlds their rightful place. It is an embodied tale that reshapes our relationship with the world and history.



L’instant Dissonant was founded in 2016 by Guillaume Lambert and has been working out of the theatre in Bécherel, Ille-et-Vilaine, ever since. From its beginnings, the company has been focusing on shows that give their audiences the chance to participate in theatrically staged ceremonies, events and celebrations. Working with a core group of five artists (Guillaume Lambert, Zelda Bourquin, Lise Crétiaux, Gauthier Ronsin and Olivier Brichet) and around ten artistic accomplices, the company works in public space and informal spaces, as well as in theatres and indoor venues to explore theatrical and life situations that make us take action. With Où va ma rage, Petit effondrement du monde libre, repas utopique (2018), Mes parents morts-vivants (2019) and their latest creation, L’île sans nom (2022), they explore situation theatre, travelling theatre, immersive theatre and documented stage writing.


Zelda Bourquin, dramaturgie et collaboration à la mise en scène
Olivier Brichet, scénographie et conception drapeaux
David Charier, assistanat à la mise en scène
Lise Crétiaux, costumes et conception drapeaux
Élise Douyère, regard extérieur
María García Vera, voix enregistrée
Fabien Gougeon, régie générale
Guillaume Lambert, écriture, jeu et mise en scène
Zeynep Morali, administration
Climène Perrin, recherche en théâtre & écologie, doctorante à Paris 8
Gauthier Ronsin, musiques et lumières
Aurore de Saint Fraud, production et diffusion pour l’espace public
Maxime Sales, manipulation drapeaux
Albertine Villain-Guimmara, regard extérieur



Projet initié dans le cadre de la résidence de création « Ateliers des Ailleurs 5 » financée par le Ministère de la Culture (DAC de La Réunion), les Terres australes et antarctiques françaises et le FRAC de La Réunion

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Chahuts – arts de la parole et espace public (Bordeaux)
Centre culturel du Grain de Sel et la Réserve Naturelle de Séné
Les Bambous – Saint Benoît (La Réunion)
Animakt – Saulx-les-Chartreux
Théâtre de Bécherel – EPI
La MAPEMonde & la compagnie Lolita Monga (Salazie, La Réunion)
Projet lauréat de l’appel à projets TRAFFIC (collectif de soutien à la création et à la diffusion des arts du récit)
Dispositif d’accompagnement RADAR (Réseau des Arts de la Rue en Bretagne)

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Friday 24 June 2022
20:30 > 23:30
Théâtre de Bécherel, 7 Chemin de la Roncette, Bécherel
Saturday 25 June 2022
20:30 > 23:30
Théâtre de Bécherel, 7 Chemin de la Roncette, Bécherel

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