Photo : Heavy Motors © Jeanne Paturel
Heavy Motors
Société protectrice de petites idées
Hybrid choreography in a stationary and acrobatic microcar road trip
For all ages
Three characters dressed in fluorescent colours straight out of the ’80s perform stunts and acrobatics and a festival of aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics around a microcar. From the Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany, Nanda Suc (dancer and choreographer), Federico Robledo (dancer and acrobat) and Aude Martos (acrobat) have created Heavy Motors, with a vocabulary of danced movement, full of humour, imagination and surprise in this absurd, crazy and off-beat circus-style road movie.

Between car tuning, gymnastics ribbons and dancefloor rhythms, this almost repaired and limitless microcar is definitely the star of the show. The story unfolds in a series of technical incidents (cat in the engine, strange coloured smoke, etc.) that will wreak havoc on the trip of these three chill characters full of innocence, imagination, and ineptness. In the midst of their lack of life experience, like children, they will pretend to be a police officer, a ballet dancer, a race car driver and more. The road trip turns into a festival of stunts and acrobatics, fake gymnastics moves and synthetic choreographies inspired by dances they’ve seen on TV. It’s generally accepted that you can’t get very far in a microcar that doesn’t require a license. They prove us wrong.

Between Disney on acid and Jacques Tati, Buster Keaton and scenes from Gérard Oury, Pierre Richard and Albert Dupontel, the cinematic inspiration is clearly evident. Heavy Motors evokes memories from road movies, fantasy thrillers, and film noir through absurd situations and a series of disasters, telling big and small stories for young and old. Somewhere between dance, circus and street theatre, Société Protectrice de Petites Idées refuses to be selective, fuelling its productions with its taste for paradoxes, big disparities and cultural clashes. It is an amazing work of situational comedy and a whole lot of energy.



Société Protectrice de Petites Idées (SPPI) was founded in July 2014 in Guingamp, from the coming together of two multi-faceted artists: Federico Robledo (music, circus, drawing, painting and video) and Nanda Suc (dance, clown, music and singing). SPPI ironically and enthusiastically harnesses the opposition between their fantasies of blockbusters and their passion for Do It Yourself productions. All of the company’s skills serve an artistic identity that feeds off this contradiction and an interest in subcultures and emerging aesthetics. In 2012, they created Cynical Lover Circus with Cow Love, followed by Chouchou Ténèbre. In 2019, they created Heavy Motors with Aude Martos (circus, dance, theatre, video, singing), who played in Don’t Feed The Alligators produced by the company 100 Issues. While Guingamp Ibiza included a six-driver rally for three microcars, Société Protectrice de Petites Idées’s new production, Violent, is scheduled for 2022.


Artistes, autrices et auteur : Nanda Suc, Aude Martos, Federico Robledo et Aleth Depeyre
Lumière : Aleth Depeyre et Loïc Chauloux
Musique : Mehdi Azema
Création costumes : Héloïse Calmet, Aude Martos, Nanda Suc et Federico Robledo
Réalisation costumes : Héloïse Calmet et Aude Martos
Construction et conception mécanique : Ronan Ménard et Loïc Chauloux
Conception et diffusion son : Maël Bellec
Regards bienveillants : Chloé Derrouaz, Émilie Bonnafous et Lucas Condro
Chargée de production et diffusion : Hélène Michel.

Friday 08 July 2022
22:30 > 23:20
Collège Échange, Rennes
Saturday 09 July 2022
22:30 > 23:20
Collège Échange, Rennes

Métro : Sainte-Anne • Bus : C1, C5, 9, et 12, Arrêt Sainte-Anne • Vélo Star : Sainte-Anne
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