Photo : Happy Hype © Pierre Planchenault
Happy Hype XXL
Collectif Ouinch Ouinch
Contagious shamanic dance for open-ait clubbing
From the age of 5

With their colourful wigs, explosive colours, feathers, sequins, and proud retro-futurist queer aesthetic, the Swiss Collectif Ouinch Ouinch don’t go unnoticed. The Happy Hype XXL open-air performance leads us into a raw, high-energy, generous and immersive choreography, which will gradually transform Place Hoche into a huge collective dancefloor. This is a whimsical, exuberant carnival that puts dance, trance, connecting and sharing at the heart of an explosive, high-energy encounter between artists and audience!


> OUINCH OUINCH Collective (Switzerland)

A moving, evolving collective formed in 2018, and now co-directed by dancers and choreographers Karine Dahouindji and Marius Barthaux, Ouinch Ouinch creates raw, carnivalesque, absurd, festive, funny and direct shows. The Geneva-based company has created three plays and a host of performances, always through a horizontal process of collective, transdisciplinary, in situ, fun and immersive creation. Around this bold multi-coloured aesthetic that blends genres and erassometimes retro-futuristic, sometimes medieval, but always steeped in queer, pop and dreamlike references and fictions – the collective is constantly refining its staging to “build a presence”, and “create a group feeling”, as it positions itself as a social vector and generator of bonds. With Molecutrio (2018), Happy Hype (2018), later recreated in a larger format (Happy Hype XXL, 2021), and the choreographic, choral and theatrical journey of Cachalotte (2022), they’re continuing their European tours for the 2024/2025 season.

Friday 05 July 2024
21:00 > 22:20
Place Hoche, Rennes
Saturday 06 July 2024
21:00 > 22:20
Place Hoche, Rennes

Métro ligne a et b : arrêt Sainte-Anne • Bus : C1, C3, C8, arrêt Sévigné • Vélo Star : Hoche

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