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New Work
Grandeur Nature
Anne-Sophie Turion
Immersive and intimate neighbourhood story and urban walk in augmented reality
From the age of 10
During a two-week residency between Cleunay and La Courrouze, Anne-Sophie Turion explores the porosity and evolving changes in these neighbourhoods of Rennes that have now been joined. The residents’ stories form the basis for a fictional tale that will unfold through the course of an urban walk for fifty spectators wearing headphones. “Augmented reality” will interfere in this promenade site-specific performance at the intimate heart of the area.

How can reality interfere with fiction? Anne-Sophie Turion answers that question by inviting around fifteen local residents to participate in her performance as extras in their own story. Grandeur Nature is first and foremost an adventure about collecting experiences and meeting people. To build the framework of what will become a story, she immerses herself in the daily life of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood for two weeks. By asking them questions, trying to unveil the hidden side of this place where multiple intimate stories and daily routines entwine, by capturing the heartbeat of the neighbourhoods, she builds a scenario that will become a walk through an urban score. Between intimate and common landscapes, rooted in the historical, urban and social characteristics of the location, she brings back to the surface the places that have disappeared, the past as well as the imagined future, the different generations, the changes and scars, the buildings and the ghosts.

In this theatre of the everyday, the walking route is at the heart of the story, with the scenery and landscape moving along while the performer narrates, until the real narrator slips into reality, appearing and disappearing throughout the walk. As the voice-over murmurs into the ears of the fifty headphone-wearing spectators, the fictional story meets an unexpected “augmented reality”. Between intimacy and everyday life, modesty and proximity, incarnation and secrecy, this human-scale performance will take us into the everyday and natural theatricality of these two neighbourhoods of Rennes.



Anne-Sophie Turion was born in 1985 and trained in scenography at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She tackles real life to orchestrate it into fiction, celebrating the living and visual world through installations, site-specific projects and performances that humorously embrace the artifices of theatre and cinema to make stories. From the public space to the exhibition space, letting real life creep in from all sides, she has already produced ten outdoor performances and just as many indoors, presented in France (la Ferme du Buisson, le Centquatre, la Villa Arson, la Friche La Belle de mai, Centre Pompidou) and in other countries (Centrale Fies de Dro in Italy, Media Arts Center in Vancouver, Canada, Kunsthal Aarhus in Denmark). She also works with performer Jeanne Moynot and choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing and in 2021, founded her own company, Grandeur nature. A performance that was already created last year in Marseille (#1), La Roche-sur-Yon (#2) and Gennevilliers (#3), before heading to Rennes (#4) for Les Tombées de la Nuit.


Anne-Sophie Turion (conception, performance, écriture, narration)

Saturday 02 July 2022
11:00 > 12:30
Nouvelle station de métro La Courrouze, rue des Munitionettes, Rennes
Saturday 02 July 2022
18:00 > 19:30
Nouvelle station de métro La Courrouze, rue des Munitionettes, Rennes

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