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Friday (Vendredi)
La Fabrique Fastidieuse
Choreographed celebration for an immersive and liberating trance
Lyon-based dancers Anne-Sophie Gabert and Julie Lefebvre continue their exploration of France’s popular public “balls”, where dance enters public space, with this body-moving creation featuring an electro DJ and eight dancers. Join them for a liberating choreography on an urban dancefloor.

Drawing on extensive work on France’s popular public “balls” and their exploration of the emergence of dance in public space, Lyon-based choreographers Anne-Sophie Gabert and Julie Lefebvre have launched their latest project and collective, physical adventure. Friday is an immersive and theatrical street performance that gradually develops into contagious wild dances and initiation rituals, working with a DJ and eight dancers in an improvised dance-off and series of figures. The dancers, musicians and trainers from La Fabrique Fastidieuse transform the street into a place of celebration. Public space becomes a fun dance floor where spectators can partake in a liberating choreography and mass of moving bodies.

A DJ and a few dancers in the street looking to party into the weekend should be able to take over public space to create a “popular contemporary dance”. This is precisely what Lyon-based choreographers Anne-Sophie Gabert and Julie Lefebvre have attempted to achieve in the latest creation from La Fabrique Fastidieuse, following on from their pieces Borderline Blues, Motel Ascott, The Loukoum Experience, Breakfast (on the rocks) and the “celebrations” of Bal Experience and Bal Hypnotique.

Friday is clearly a nod to the end of the working week and the start of the weekend, with the expectation of greater excitement than the run-of-the-mill weekly routine. As for any initiation or rite of passage, this collective adventure can only begin by establishing shared trust and common codes (in this case, oriental dabke or traditional dances, in three stages, with the Crouzade, Farandole and line dancing. It kicks off with changing electro music and the story of eight actors, focusing on the unique, shared and collective desire to move with the rhythm in the form of contagious wild dancing. The lines between spectator and actor are gradually blurred in this immersive trance that takes us far away in a palpable joy, as we let go, exclaiming that “it’s now or never!”.


La Fabrique Fastidieuse was born in Lyon in 2008 from two artists’ commitment to create “a contemporary dance, a performing, impacting and all-round popular art form.” Julie Lefebvre and Anne-Sophie Gaber work well together, one is more of a performer and the other more of a choreographer. From raw actions to refined dance, the company’s work necessarily impacts the body. It seeks to develop unique, demanding and unusual choreographies in a resolutely physical demonstration that draws on past experiences as a denominator in its relationship with the audience. La Fabrique Fastidieuse already has four creations to its name (Breakfast(on the rocks), The Loukoum Experience, Motel Ascott and Borderline Blues), and started work in September 2014 on popular “balls” (Le Bal Hypnotique, le Bal Expérience) around the concept of “live” choreography. They work in public space and theatres, play with contexts (for creation and performances), and are found in the unexpected, with their characteristic risk-taking, daring and taste for traditional audience-based and collaborative encounters.


Choreography : Anne-Sophie Gabert and Julie Lefebvre
Dancers : Charlotte Cattiaux, Chandra Grangean, Jim Krummenacker, Anatole Lorne, Elodie Morard, Marie-Lise Naud, Lucie Paquet, Laureline Richard
Music : Simon Drouhin and Julien Grosjean
Set design : Sophie Toussain


Production : La Fabrique Fastidieuse
Coproductions : Les Ateliers Frappaz (Villeurbanne – 69), Quelques p’Arts (Boulieu les Annonay- 07), Le Parapluie (Aurillac – 15) et L’Espace Périphérique (Paris – 75)
La Fabrique Fastidieuse is supported by la DRAC Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes dans le cadre de l’aide à la résidence pour la création de VENDREDI.
Residences : Ramdam (Ste Foy les Lyon) Animakt (Saulxles-Chartreux) La Gare à Coulisse (Eurre)
Partners : Plateforme Ressource Artistique et Culturelle –

Thursday 05 July 2018
19:30 > 20:30
Place Saint-Germain, Rennes
Friday 06 July 2018
19:30 > 20:30
Place Saint-Germain, Rennes
Saturday 07 July 2018
19:30 > 20:30
Place Saint-Germain, Rennes

Métro/bus/vélo : République - Ligne de bus : toutes les lignes desservant le centre ville
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