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Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Finis ton assiette ! (Finish your plate!)
Thank you for coming
In soup we trust
For all ages
After the cannibalistic trash theatre and carnivorous black humour of Les Ogres at the 2018 festival, the Brussels-based company, Thank you for coming, is back in Rennes for the last act of this trilogy based on food and eating. This new theatrical, sensory and gastronomic show by Sara Selma Dolorès Amari explores the traditional banquet and the place of soup in our diet. The company continues its subversive approach and active audience engagement, this time immersing us in a performance with a table plan, live cooking and headsets. This is going to blow your mind and your tastebuds!

Finis ton assiette! is an audio-sensual experience somewhere between a banquet, symposium, time travel and philosophical pop, based on audience interaction and a clear taste for irreverence and provocation. The show focuses on soup, a universal and working class food, by asking some essential questions: why do we refer to folk music as “soup”, in French? Why do people always ask for bread and not brioche? Who ate Proust’s madeleine? Does a finger bowl really make your hands clean? What does eating mean?

For the show, around forty guests/spectators are seated at tables arranged in a circle around the main kitchen, surrounded by the smell of celery, the sound of chewing and tears from chopped onions, with washed-up musicians, universal suffrage, sliced bread sculptures and audio headsets. At a time when food has a high media presence (Top Chef, Come Dine With Me) and has become a political, public health and religious issue, Thank you for Coming has established an original creative protocol that uses a banquet to explore our actions, alliances and defeats. The show wraps up its series with an authentic theatrical and culinary experience that is both meticulously controlled and full of impertinent fun!


Founded in Brussels in 2011 by Swiss-born Sara Selma Dolores (Amari), the Thank You For Coming company was born out of the urgent need to create a food-centred production “right away, right now”. It led to Boudin & Chansons, a street music punk-java-feminist show featuring a singing duo of women who love men and pigs (with Anne-Fleur Inizan and Sara Selma Dolores), which went on to be performed over two hundred times across France, Belgium and Switzerland. Thank You For Coming uses music, opera, puppets, performance and improvisation to emphasise audience interaction, a taste for the irreverent, performance and a passion for profuse jargon, slang and regionally-infused language. True to the name Zinneke (nickname of the people of Brussels, meaning stray dog or bastard), Thank You For Coming defines itself as a “team of bastards, proud of its mixed identity and close to your regular bloke”. After Jean Jean Présentateur (solo performance from John-John Mossoux) Les Hôtesses (new improv duo created in 2015) and Les Ogres (created in 2015), performed at Les Tombées de la Nuit in 2018, today the company is presenting a new trashy food-centred show, Finis ton assiette! (created in 2019).


Avec : Jérémie Mosseray (musique), Pascal Lazarus (acteur) et Blanche Tirtiaux (actrice)
Texte : Sara Selma Dolorès
Dramaturgie : Anne Festraets et Meryl Moens
Assistanat à la mise en scène : Anne Festraets et Olmo Missaglia
Production : Anne Festraets, Olmo Missaglia et Meryl Moens
Scénographie : Xavie rBergeron
Construction : Rudi Bovy et Zakarie Badi
Création musicale : Jérémie Mosseray
Graphisme : Aurélie Commerce
Regards avisés : Benoit Vreux-Dechambre, Caroline Godard, John- John Mossoux et Laurent de Sutter
Diffusion : Sasha Lampole avec l’aide d’Alexis Nys.

Billetterie en ligne
Tuesday 28 December 2021
19:00 > 20:15
La Maison Bleue, Rennes
Wednesday 29 December 2021
12:30 > 13:45
La Maison Bleue, Rennes
Wednesday 29 December 2021
19:00 > 20:15
La Maison Bleue, Rennes
Thursday 30 December 2021
12:30 > 13:45
La Maison Bleue, Rennes
Thursday 30 December 2021
19:00 > 20:15
La Maison Bleue, Rennes

5€ full price, 2€ Sortir! price (+ booking fee)
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