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Danse avec ta mère
La Tête Ailleurs / Le Grand Appétit
Dancing to the influence of family
From the age of 14
What do you do with the influence of family? In this new collaborative production, Paule Vernin and Aurélie Tedo invite us to “dance with” it, focusing their perspective on the way we all physically drag this weight along with us. This expression in movement for six performers and strained bodies takes over a parking lot at night, interacting directly with spectators who move around the performance space. The choreographic and theatrical rhythmic and immersive performance strings together tender and grating moments, in a kind of summary of the artistic challenges of modern dance.

The parking lot is like family. It is useful, functional, not always pretty, but has its public and private uses,” explain Paule Vernin and Aurélie Tedo in reference to this new setting for Danse Avec Ta Mère (DATM for those in the know). Here, six dancing performers touch on moments in life, lugging around their legacy and that of their loved ones, those family relationships that weigh us down, irritate and bother us.  All the different happy, tormented, distant and intimate stories whose common denominator is the fact that their influence shapes our lives.

From car choreography to feminist rap, romantic slow dances and juicy fights, these stories are portrayed from the perspective of a family heading off on holiday, for a journey in the cramped confines of a car, where everyone wants to protect their own space and comfort, between memories and fights.

The two young choreographers and directors have been working together artistically for a long time. They develop their shows by collecting stories and memories and build on close proximity with the audience. In an electro-pop aesthetic, a tight slow dance with our legacies, our shared experiences, our false notes, our side steps and our passionate tangos, Danse Avec Ta Mère cultivates curiosity, tenderness and excess.


> Compagnie La Tête Ailleurs / Compagnie Le Grand Appétit (France)

Paule Vernin studied at the Centre Dramatique National de Lorient before joining the Claude Mathieu theatre school in Paris. She went on to work as an actor for the AK entrepôt company for ten years. In 2012, she created Le Grand Appétit in St Brieuc, bringing together a team of artists on themes exploring family, dining, and a contemporary theatrical language around the “intimate territory”.

Originally from Aurillac, Aurélie Tédo was first a dancer for the Vendetta Mathéa, Anne-Marie Porras, Royal Deluxe and Générik Vapeur companies. After obtaining a degree in Performing Arts and studying at the Claude Mathieu theatre school in Paris, she became an actor for the Lackaal Ducrickc company. In 2002, she created her own company, La Tête Ailleurs, focusing on performances for public space. She also works in prisons (MAH, Fleury Mérogis) and hospitals (youth psychiatric unit, Louis Mourier de Colombes Hospital).



Mise en scène et co-direction : Aurélie Tedo et Paule Vernin.
Interprétation : Adélie Garsault, Isabelle Lelièvre, Julien Goetz, Thomas Arnaud, Aurélie Tedo et Paule Vernin.
Regard extérieur chorégraphique : Christine Maltête.
Aide à la dramaturgie : Cécile Delhommeau.
Régie : Arthur Deslandes.
Production : Mathilde Froger Asso Asin.

Friday 02 July 2021
22:00 > 23:15
12 rue de Viarmes, Rennes
Saturday 03 July 2021
22:00 > 23:15
12 rue de Viarmes, Rennes

Free • No reservation required • The doors will open 30 minutes before the beginning of the show
200 seats
More information 02 99 32 56 56

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