Photo : Buffet à vif © Jean Pierre Estournet
Les Tombées de la Nuit, in partnership with la compagnie Kali & Co, La Centrifugeuse du Poulpe & Les Halles en Commun, present
Buffet à vif
La Belle Meunière & La Poétique des signes

Buffet à vif is the coming together of actor and director Pierre Meunier and dancer and choreographer Raphaël Cottin. Two bodies and two singular energies that form a tragic/comic duo reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy. A beautiful, carefully wrapped buffet is brought to the stage by these two burlesque movers, only to undergo wild and hilarious destruction, until it exists no more. Out of this fierce fury, coupled with a certain primitive pleasure in eliminating the things that encumber us and stand in our way, emerges a “second state” brought to life by their accomplice, Marguerite Bordat, in a soothing, almost archaeological meticulousness, where spectators are invited to come closer and take part in the aftermath. In this touching burlesque performance, somewhere between delicacy and brutality, Buffet à vif reminds us that nothing is ever really lost. Anything can be transformed… and meaning can be found all around.

Sold out
Sunday 12 March 2023
15:30 > 16:45
Départ des Halles en Commun, 24 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes