Photo : Bestiaire © Géraldine Aresteau
Lillico, Le Centre Social & la Ludothèque de Maurepas, la Maison de Quartier La Bellangerais, le bob théâtre, in partnership with Les Tombées de la Nuit, present
Compagnie Bal / Jeanne Mordoj
Where the wild things are
Fairground show
From the age of 6 / Free
Les Tombées de la Nuit have teamed up with Lillico as part of its Surprise Party programme : 3 days of artistic discoveries in the Maurepas-Bellangerais district, from 22 to 26 May.

At the heart of a 4 x 4 metre arena, halfway between a boxing ring and an art exhibition space, an acrobat embarks on a joyous and disturbing journey into animal strangeness.

Hichem Chérif exhibits the animals that live inside him much like a showman working with circus animals. Without any masks or tricks, he changes his nature and becomes a four-legged animal, bird, or primate, etc. Without simply imitating the animal, he imposes his presence and his spirit through posture, looks, and leaps brimming with truth.

He is neither deformed, nor a champion of an extravagant discipline, but a member of our human menagerie. Bestiaire is filled with surprise and wonder, using humour to convey a love of intense performance and self-invention off the beaten track. It’s a vibrant ode to imagination and freedom.

Sunday 26 May 2024
16:00 > 16:35
Cour de l’école Trégain, 13 rue de Trégain, Rennes

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