Photo : Au delà de la peau © Cyril Andres
New Work
Au-delà de la peau
Les films du Macadam
Metamorphosis of residents into temporary works of art
For all ages
For this series of fourteen photo portraits of Maurepas neighbourhood residents, Agnès Dupoirier and Matagold painted and transformed their models based on the stories, dreams and aspirations they shared with the artists. Cyril Andres captured all the metamorphoses, fantasies and reinventions in portraits and documentary shorts. The ephemeral works of art explore our relationship with others and immerse us into each magnificent singularity.

Fourteen photographic and documentary portraits, fourteen traces of life, fourteen residents of the Maurepas neighbourhood in Rennes and stories that emerge from these fantasised bodies, transformed by skin painting, hairstyling and staging. Photography and documentary filmmaking tell the story and keep a record of these moments of transfiguration, where bodies and faces become something else. This artistic performance focuses on a type of metamorphosis that reveals the trouble of the soul, as well as its hopes and dreams clashing between silence and collected words, between thoughts and filmed realities.

Au-delà de la peau brings together Matagold (Caroline Vaillant) and Agnès Dupoirier, who drew inspiration from the life stories, dreams and aspirations of their models to create these personal and temporary human works of art. While examining the models’ view of themselves, the artists give them a unique and intimate experience they can feel right on the surface of their skin. Cyril Andres offers a photographic interpretation of these changes, recording them through image and documentary shorts to attempt to capture the way the models look at the world. Through these unique settings and the distinctive beauty that emanates from each portrait, the exhibition Au-delà de la peau challenges the spectator, inviting them to take an interest in others and all that makes them unique.



This Rennes-based association works to promote cinematographic creation as a tool for emancipation and understanding the modern world. Using photography and cinema, its multidisciplinary actions also use other art forms, such as body painting, theatre, dance, music and writing. Along with their various training workshops, the Stéréoclip project recently brought together twenty-five youth from the Maurepas neighbourhood to produce a music video. The Le Dansomaton project offers a private stage space where the public is invited to dance to the music of their choice for a performance of their body in motion. The Au-delà de la peau project brings together make-up artist and hairdresser Agnès Dupoirier (who works in film, theatre, fashion and opera), visual artist Matagold (Caroline Vaillant, who also makes paper lace collages) and photographer and documentary maker Cyril Andres.


Projets initiés par : Agnès Dupoirier (artiste maquilleuse et coiffeuse) et Cyril Andres (photographe et documentariste)
Artiste associée : Matagold (Caroline Vaillant)

Friday 08 July 2022
15:00 > 20:00
Langue & Communication et Centre Franco-Allemand, Rue Saint-Melaine, Rennes
Saturday 09 July 2022
15:00 > 20:00
Langue & Communication et Centre Franco-Allemand, Rue Saint-Melaine, Rennes

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