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As time goes by (Par les temps qui courent)
Compagnie Carabosse
Show the beauty of the world in a living travel journal
After Un jour, Installation de feu, Chez cocotte and Article 13, our madcap friends are back with a residency in the form of a collective creative lab. Our tarmac travellers share their experiences of trips around the world in a spectacular, vigorous melting pot of a travel journal.

After Un jour c’était la nuit (2006), Installation de feu and Chez cocotte (2009), and Article 13 (2012), our madcap friends from Carabosse are back at the festival with an original creation. The installation takes the form of a spectacular, vigorous melting pot of a travel journal at the foot of the Hôtel de Rennes Métropole, where the company will install its week-long residency as a collective creative lab. These travellers are back from pounding the pavement and exploring the path untrodden to share their world travels using fire, metal, paint, poetry and video in various spaces, with multiple modes of expression from guest artists.

Drawing on its many travels, Carabosse has been working on this multi-disciplinary and evolving creation for the past two years, around the concept of a performance “travel journal” that mixes perspectives and modes of artistic expression. As Time Goes By finds common ground between the company’s aesthetic and other artists (for example, singer and poet Denis Péan from the Lo’jo group, painter Patrick Singh, video artist Jérôme Aubrun, and object theatre creator Sylvie Monier), and consists of a number of “pages”. Some are lived in, others are fixed, while others move around. Some work independently and do not need operators. They all form part of a narrative that evolves with each performance in a fiery audio and visual aesthetic.

This vibrant, collective melting pot of a creative lab will be based in Place de la Communauté, near Hôtel de Rennes Métropole, and will spend a week in this urban context working on its art forms and performances. With a world painter, picture-tamers, a poet of the black and white keys, a tall double-bass player, fire sculptors, goldsmiths of sounds and acrobats of precious scrap metal, Carabosse works with fire, metal, music, painting, poetry and images to provide a lavish backdrop for encounters and stories that express all the beauty and complexity of the world.


Since 1997, Carabosse has focused its work on human encounters, playing with fire and transforming venues. Special performances (Chez Cocotte, Le Filoscope, etc.) have been created around a ten-piece artistic collective, sometimes extended to include more people depending on the projects. Internationally, they are best known for their “fire installations”, with which they have travelled from Saint-Christophe-sur-Roch to the foot of the Kremlin in Moscow, from Villeurbanne to Essakane in the middle of the Mali desert, from Antwerp to Tirana, Rochefort to Adelaide in Australia. Before lighting up, these encounters are created from specific writing projects and artistic engagement with a site, during residencies of various durations, as the artists play with fire, water, air, steel, and above all, people. Carabosse is always open to collaborating with other artists (for example, Article 13 creation with Mexican company Tatro Línea de Sombra), and for the past two years, has been exploring the evolving aesthetics of a “living travel journal” with its latest creation, As Time Goes By (2018).


Artistic Director : Christophe Prenveille
Artists : Jex Aubrun, Jérôme Fohrer, Nadine Guinefoleau, Sylvie Monier, izOReL, Patrick Singh, Mounira Taïrou, Marcelo Valente
With words chosen by : Denis Péan
Designers and builders of structures and machines : Bruno Gastao, Fabrice Gilbert, Sébastien Giraud Vidault, Yuka Jimenez, Mathieu Laville, Anthony Pelletier (assistant)
Administration, Production and Communication : Stéphanie Auger, Lise Burgermeister, Hugues Chevalier, Patricia Klein, Sylvie Monier
The Carabosse company is co-directed by : Nadine Guinefoleau, Christophe Prenveille, Jean-Marie Proust.


They co-produce us and welcome us in residence, we thank them :
Ateliers Frappaz, CNAREP Villeurbanne
TCRM BLIDA, grâce au soutien financier de la
Ville de Metz, dans le cadre des résidences artistiques
Atelier 231, CNAREP Sotteville-Lès-Rouen
Le Boulon, CNAREP Vieux-Condé
Pronomade(S) en Haute-Garonne, CNAREP Encausse-les-Thermes
Le Moulin Fondu, CNAREP Garges-lès-Gonesse
Sur le Pont, CNAREP à La Rochelle en Nouvelle-Aquitaine
avec l’OARA, Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Le Parapluie CNAREP Aurillac

We thank for their help :
Le Ministère de la Culture – DGCA
Le Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Nouvelle – Aquitaine
L’OARA, Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
La Paperie, CNAREP Angers

Thanks to Champdeniers-St-Denis City for their welcome

We also solicit : L’ADAMI LA SPEDIDAM

Thursday 05 July 2018
22:30 > 00:00
Place de la Communauté, Rennes
Friday 06 July 2018
22:30 > 00:00
Place de la Communauté, Rennes
Saturday 07 July 2018
22:30 > 00:00
Place de la Communauté, Rennes

Métro : Clémenceau / Bus : 13 / Arrêt de Bus : Clémenceau / Vélo : Clémenceau

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