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Echoing the Urban Trail, les Tombées de la Nuit presents
Your money or your life
Compagnie Lézards Bleus
Aerial and choreographic performance in climbing

A top athlete and international rock-climbing star who has opened up a whole host of dizzying new routes, ANTOINE LE MÉNESTREL has become an artist of the heights by incorporating choreography, street performance and art in public space into his repertoire, to breath-taking effect. Through twenty-five years of creating climbing/dance performances, he has become recognized as a unique “vertical artist”.

In La Bourse ou la vie, Le Ménestrel pursues his work on urban façades and his exploration of the rhythms of architecture. Masked like a super-hero, he dances with the ropes and the void. Like a fakir of the walls, a magician of vertigo, a poet of the heights, he plays with our anxieties and fears, exploring the pandemic pessimism that has taken over our lives. His sharply controlled aerial choreography is fascinating, like a wrestling match with urban material. In this nervy and highly sensitive performance where the beauty lies in the performer’s fragility and physical engagement, ANTOINE LE MÉNESTREL invites us to rise up and change the way we look at the world.
Our artistic offerings in partnership with the Rennes events programme continue with this climbing event, part of the first edition of the “Rennes Urban Trail”, a city-wide run comprising three races of 7, 14 and 24 kilometres. The performance will offer a vertical counterpoint to the three thousand runners who are expected to take part. This is a sporting discipline turned high-flying art.

North face of Town Hall


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