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Walking with Brassens in partnership with les Tombées de la Nuit presents
Walking with Brassens
Georges Brassens, what else ?

Ballade avec Brassens (Walking with Brassens) is one of the biggest events in France dedicated to Georges Brassens. Since 2004, fans have been coming to Rennes every other year to sing the praises of this famous poet from Sète. Every time, the audience sings famous and little-known tunes. Boeuf Brunch Musical et Chanté (musical and singing jam session with brunch – open choir) will start this Sunday when 80 to 100 professional and amateur artists and bands from various regions will celebrate this famous poet using the instruments, rhythms, tempos and interpretations of their choice. Four aptly-named stages (Margot, Pénélope, Marinette and Jeanne) are spread along the 800-metre promenade, in a green haven within the heart of Rennes. It It is sure to be a fun and festive Sunday afternoon sing-a-long for all the family, also featuring exhibitions, games and theatrical performances…

Sunday 09 September 2018
12:00 > 18:30
Promenade Georges Brassens, Rennes

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The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region, the Ille-et-Vilaine Department & the ministry of culture.

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