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Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Walking Thérapie
Compagnie Victor B
An unusual audio guide road movie in the pursuit of urban happiness
Belgian artist, Jean-Michel Frère, is a regular at our festival, with quirky and hilarious creations such as Kermesse (2008) and Trop de Guy Béart tue Guy Béart (2010). VICTOR B presents another audio tour with this pedestrian road movie that sees actors Nicolas Buysse and Fabio Zenoni take us on the pursuit of happiness. One hundred spectators take part in a simply absurd coaching and therapy session to ward off all evil, sadness and fear of others in the urban safari that is WALKING THERAPIE.

This new creation by Belgian company, VICTOR B, is a direct spin-off of the sound system used in Trop de Guy Béart tue Guy Béart, presented by Les Tombées de la Nuit in 2010. Around one hundred spectators can continue this travelling urban adventure, in this take on the latest therapies for “the pursuit of happiness” and “finding oneself”. Actors Nicolas Buysse and Fabio Zenoni (the coach and his assistant) take us on an absurd audio-guided WALKING THERAPIE session through the city centre, on a sort of urban safari to ward off anything that could darken our utopia of a better life. It’s time to cast off all hardship and sadness and challenge our fears of others and even ourselves…
With a quirkiness reminiscent of Kermesse (2008), this travelling performance twists contemporary mechanisms for the pursuit of happiness and coaching therapies, using the urban space (furniture, terrace, roundabout, vehicle, kiosk, etc.) as a large-scale playground for our two brilliant actors. Script and improvisation blend together in this flurry of words, music, gestures and transgressive movements. From the short talk given from a folding stool to the two experts in “anti-unhappiness happiness”, everything on this unusual and uplifting tour is designed to help you meet other versions of yourself, as the artists take you and your psyche on a journey through winding streets, courtyards and terraces.

This absurd expedition and its two crazy advocates reveal public space, and its hidden corners and residents. WALKING THERAPIE explores the city, transforming it into a film set where each passer-by has a role to play, becoming an actor in an unfolding story. A human community takes shape somewhere between the laughter and jokes, with both its weaknesses and uncanny resemblances.


Since 1993, the company VICTOR B and Jean-Michel Frère have been exploring frictions between theatre and contemporary artistic languages (video, art installations, sound installations, breakdance, etc.), with a certain number of twists and a razor-sharp humour. After the company’s first productions S.C. 35c (2000), Men Need Sleep (2003), Plus vite que tes yeux (2005), Je suis libre hurle le ver luisant (2009), the shows went on to question new relationships between the actors and audience, preferring intimate and local theatre. Trois secondes et demie (2000), Kermesse (2007), Trop de Guy Béart tue Guy Béart (2010), Une petite Allergie (2013) and Poney pour toujours – Une veillée électro (2013) honed this theme while continuing to target as many people as possible, bringing together seemingly very different audiences. Public space is a place for experimenting with originality and a visual and dynamic dimension. After Kermesse (2008) and Trop de Guy Béart tue Guy Béart (2012), les Tombées de la Nuit continues its collaboration with VICTOR B, this time with WALKING THERAPIE, a performance without Jean-Michel Frère, by the excellent actors Nicolas Buysse and Fabio Zenoni, under the supervision of actor and producer Fabrice Murgia, who recently won a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale (2014).


Un projet de : Nicolas Buysse & Fabio Zenoni / Direction d’acteurs et dramaturgie : Fabrice Murgia / Conception sonore : Maxime GLAUDE / Scénographie : Ditte VAN BREMPT

Cie Victor B, Les Boîtes à Idées, Cie Productions du Sillon Soutiens Cie Artara / Fabrice Murgia / Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles – Service Général de la Création Artistique – Secteur Arts de la Rue / Wallonie – Bruxelles International et Productions Associées

Depuis 2006, la Compagnie est conventionnée par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Depuis 2009, la Compagnie est en résidence au Théâtre de Namur / Centre Dramatique. Ces soutiens essentiels permettent à la Compagnie d’envisager son travail dans la durée et d’investir dans la recherche d’une plus grande diffusion de
ses spectacles en Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles et à l’étranger

Friday 07 July 2017 > Sunday 09 July 2017
Place Saint Germain, RENNES
Friday and saturday > 12.30pm and 7.30pm | Sunday > 2.30pm and 5pm

100 people
Arrêt et station République / LE vélo STAR : République
Provide comfortable walking shoes

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come with an attendant / 4 magnetic loops
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